Vince has clearly banged AJ

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  1. Vince has clearly banged AJ the overpushing of her is obvious. She was nothing last year and only appeared in short backstage segments but now shes being pushed to the moon doesnt take a genius to work this out. Shes nothing special
  2. Making her GM is quite weird, but she's good in the ring and acts well, this storyline with DB has been crap but she deserves a push.
  3. AJ was the first in FCW to hold both the Queens Championship and FCW Diva's championship. She is pretty good in the ring, and does deserve a push. Not this GM thing, but she is special. Please research carefully before insulting someone.
  4. Are you stupid? She's the best diva in WWE atm, her acting has improved a lot and is the most influential women in TV currently, could possibly be the next Trish/Mickie James.
  5. Once again BLFFL gets many entangled in his/her net. A Kelly Kelly fan claiming another diva has banged their way to the top is just begging for the negative reaction. Well played OP I expect we'll see you loling behind your screen.
  6. They've obviously been happy with her for a long time, and I think she's brilliant. As for GM, well, it's interesting.
  7. Okay normally I avoid bashing your threads but this is utterly ridiculous. We yell for a diva push, we get one, and Vince must have banged her? AJ is a very talented wrestler and has played her role perfectly. There has been numerous reports from different sources that WWE is incredibly pleased with AJ.
  8. AJ will fail as Raw GM
  9. It's called recognizing talent. It's not like John Cena got with Linda Mcmahon every night :dawg:
  10. You wanna bet? we all know that's the reason Cena is now the face of the company, and AJ screwing Vince is why AJ is GM :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.

    Seriously though, the statement is so far off the mark, just because a Diva has shown great in ring ability, has played her part in the Punk/DB feud brilliantly, is good on the mic, none of that counts? and the only reason she's been pushed is because Vince get's it up for her? I can see your logic, I mean, it's not like Linda will be giving him much:facepalm1:
  11. LOL. Vince probably didn't remember AJ was on the roster, then someone reminded him. That's why she went from "NXT" to "Raw GM" so quickly.
  12. She is the second most talked about woman in the sports world (or something like that they said last week on RAW) so it does not surprise me that they used her for the spot. As for banging her... he wishes.
  13. :lol1: Too bad that's exactly how it works.
  14. Starting to believe you married Frank the Jock..

    Stupidity strikes again. If there is one ''Diva'' who banged her ass up to the title, it's K2..

    AJ is someone who HAS talent to become a good diva's wrestler, which some doesn't have the talent. *wink*

    Nuff said, everyone agrees and think before insulting/posting.
  15. AJ is just the diva that Vince is high on at the moment. It will be someone else (or no one) a few months from now. Remember a couple of months ago when Vince was high on Eve and was even quoted as saying he enjoyed her work and that's why she was getting more and more screen time? Well, now it's AJ.
  16. I wish i banged AJ
  17. Clearly believes wrestling is real.

    You do know it's scripted, don't you? Stupidity on a whole new level.
  18. No flaming noobs.
  19. aj annoys me and im going to have a hard time watching these segments on raw
    no way has she banged vince but no doubt vinnie mac has a hard on for all the divas... because hes a guy... and theyre all hot
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