Vince high on Fandango?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Feb 5, 2013.

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  2. Retire Vince, you're constantly drunk.
  3. BOUT DAMN TIME :gusta:
  4. Is Fandango a drug? If so Vince needs to get off that shit asap.
  5. It's the drug of the dance!
  6. I'm actually interested to see him debut. Reports from house shows says he does the gimmick well and gets good heat. Would be nice to see it get up on TV and see if it works.
  7. Im already calling Brodus vs Fandango at Wrestlemania
  8. Yeah, I remember reports from some time ago saying that Vince was high on this new Curtis gimmick. Well, I hope it works out, because I feel like it'll be shoved down our throats either way.
  9. I'll give this gimmick a chance, beats having another generic babyface or heel
  10. I was high on fandango once. Those damn pink Christina Aguilera monsters kept me up for days.
  11. Good Wrestler but man Horrible Gimmick
  12. I'll give the gimmick a chance, but only because Johnny Curtis is awesome.
  13. Fandango and The USA Guy just need to happen asap
  14. Curtis is a decent talent but this gimmick will go nowhere,his old gimmick had potential
  15. Lol the ''Random Creep'' thing wasn't going anywere..
  16. I think they should debut after Mania.
  17. At least it was somewhat believable this new gimmick is stupid at least if wwe cared about the previous gimmick it could of gone somewhere but this current one has no depth..
  18. Really could've gone without the lip thing in the video. :eww:
  19. I liked it :ksi: :gusta:
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