Vince McMahon “Planning Something Big” For WM32

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Oct 22, 2015.

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  1. source

    What do you think it could be?
  2. Lol, poor marks always fall for this shit.
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  3. I think he does this every year. He says he has something spectacular planned and the same old things happen.
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  4. I think Brock vs Rock happening is more likely than SCSA stepping back into the squared circle for one last time.
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  5. Rock vs Brock with special guest referee Stone Cold.

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  6. Seems like a legit way to go.
  7. lol The report says that the speculations that he was planning something big were actually "without foundation." Which I find both amusing and bothersome personally, because considering they want to fill 100,000 seats and make next year's show the biggest, most memorable, and most iconic Wrestlemania of all time, I would sure as hell hope they have something big planned for the event. It should go without saying.
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  8. Vince should've been preparing for mania 32 at mania 31. He knew what was coming next year.

    What I think will happen is rock vs Brock.

    What I want:

    Stone cold vs Brock
    Rock vs Roman for the WWE title
    Taker vs cena
    DB vs Seth Rollins
    MITB ladder match
  9. Taker vs cena would't be a bad idea actually.
  10. Perfect way to send out taker. Let him barely beat cena. They shake hands and its takers last match
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  11. Taker is old school and if that were to happen, Taker would go out on his back.
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  12. That is true. He is nuts lol
  13. I wouldn't call him nuts, as it's a common thing when you're about to leave the company, you put over the guy you're facing, heel or face.

    For an example, Mark Henry wants to retire next year and he wants Daniel Bryan to end his career.
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  14. I don't see taker losing again at mania. That's why they decided to not have Brock and taker fight again at mania 32 because everyone would expect Brock to win.
  15. And if they are planning rock and Brock of course
  16. I don't see him losing at Mania if he's facing Sting, tbh. Because Vince will never get tired of telling everyone WWE>WCW.

    If he were to face someone else, then he'd probably do the job.
  17. That whole WCW thing isn't true really. But that's beside the point.

    He might but i can see the star he faces showing some respect and little him get one last sweet victory.
  18. :rock2:

    Just fucking watch this year's WM, mate. Sting vs HHH, specifically. :booker2:
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  19. Is this legit? I can see it being true and, quite frankly, knowing Mark Henry (I've met him a total of twice and he's a damn nice guy), I can see it. But, is this like a reported story or something?

  20. Sting has been belittled for sure, but it's not like triple h dominated him. Triple h was desperate and barely won.

    Also, look at Goldberg? Comes back and whoops the rock first match then dominates the world title and Brock.

    I'd say WCW is fine in WWE sometimes.
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