Vince McMahon actually bans city names

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 27, 2012.

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  1. Ready for some more #VinceLogic?

  2. LMFTO! thats awesome and mental on a epic scale!
  3. Vince is on some serious drugs
  4. It's just so old fashioned, his mindset. It baffles me how WWE is still afloat.
  5. Can fully imagine him getting them to say a more desirable city name! and blocking out the boo's
  6. [​IMG]

    Hey Vince: If you go to a small town, will people think any less of your company?

    No. If they do, they're the biggest morons on earth... wait a minute, that's what Vince caters to. Carry on then.
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  7. seriously is fort wayne that small?
    im in australia so ive never been but ive seen like three seasons of cops filmed there
  8. No idea. Vince is just off his head.
  9. Not a big deal it makes sense. When you're in LA/Miami you want it mentioned, when you're in Fort Wayne you don't.
  10. Why? Would casual viewers think "Wtf Wade? I'm off bro"?
  11. It's an indirect effect. Man wants his company to appear big. Vince McMahon is a pimp so I don't hate on him.
  12. Yeah, you pimps need to stick together.
  13. What about us fullstops?
  14. I just really don't know why he's so against mentioning the name of the city. Surely he already sees the city big enough, hence why he's hosting Raw there, but to not say the name is just out and out silly.

    What does he seriously think will happen if they say the name? Oh look, he doesn't care anynore and he's taking WWE backwards because he's hosting it there, so I'm going to stop watching it.

    Get a bloody grip Vince.
  15. I can do what the fuck i want. I'm vince mcmahon dammit!
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  16. Oh guys, didn't you know?
    I turn off when the city it's hosted in doesn't sound big enough...

    Or... maybe I turn off when it's full of shit story-lines and hokey cokey bullshit?
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  17. Point proven.
  18. This is like porn logic. You'll fap to some weird stuff, like that bounded stuff but you wont tell anyone because it'll seem different. You'll tell people though, when you fap to lesbain porn, because it's cool and you won't get frowned upon.
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  19. I don't know what he's got against such cities by not mentioning them. From a business perspective, he wishes his company to appear big therefore I believe he only wants to mention the big cities. I personally don't mind it.
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