Vince McMahon and the dumb interviewer

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  1. No matter how many interviews Vince does, there will always be this dumb ass interviewers, who will point out (with no real proof) of the WWE's affiliation to the world of crimes and murders and what not. To me, most of the media is biased and basically against the WWE.

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  2. Vince is such a great speaker.
  3. Vince basically owned the guy in this interviewer. To me, saying that wrestling is a reason to go out on mass murder, is idiotic. I don't see the media going rapequit over Hollywood making action movies, or horror movies. But, they seem to be very much into destroying the image of the WWE.
  4. It's simple. If the programs not for you or your family then simply change the channel. Vince McMahon is a businessman and the reason he's a multi-millionaire is because of the decisions he's made. Why would he listen to someone who doesn't know anything about the business? Bob Costas doesn't know anything about the wrestling industry. He tried to devalue Vince by showing a certain scene without the whole story-line which didn't work. The time that interview was conducted was TV-14 which means it's up-to their parents whether they want to show them the program or not. Also, Bob said it himself "no one's forcing them to watch" exactly, if no one's forcing them then how is it Vince McMahon's fault?

    It's like Pornography. It's on the internet however it's not the producers or the websites fault for little kids watching it when they shouldn't be as the blame's entirely on the child for watching such content and not the actual businesses fault. Bob Costas hasn't done any research nor is he providing proof or any evidence to relate to his point.

    Vince McMahon isn't to be blamed for the real life crimes or murders as he's not forcing anyone to commit a crime. It's an entertainment scene and the whole part of it is for one to be entertained. If it doesn't suit your needs then don't watch it, it's that simple. There's no knife's, guns or any sort of material in wrestling that contributes to that therefore Vince shouldn't be blamed. What about movies with guns? Are they to blame for the crimes or murders? Surely if WWE's to be blamed for crimes as such.

    Bob isn't a regular viewer of wrestling therefore his opinion is totally irrelevant and disrespectful to the fans, the companies and the superstars.
  5. Loved what Vince said there, can't take one segment outside of the storyline and use it as an argument.
  6. Bob Costas = @"Champ Johnson" 's avatar
  7. Was like WTF am i here for?

    Yeah a giant douche can is pretty beastlike.
  8. I wonder why the "Sporting world" Hated vince's idea so much, with XFL.

    BTW those Trish Segments is always going to haunt him. I believe the WWE has done everything they can to remove it too.
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