Vince McMahon doesn't like the American Badass gimmick?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Mar 25, 2012.

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  1. PWTorch
  2. I like reading creepy novels, but Vince needs to get a grip. He sounds like a card trading dork who argues about Harry Potter nonsense.
  3. To be honest he sounds like a child. I know he's built an empire but he honestly sounds like the worst boss in the world to work for.
  4. ATTN: Vince McMahon. I hate your guts. Signed, everyone on Earth
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  5. The best gimmick for him is Ministry. Don't know why it was so short though.
  6. Vince sounds really weird in real life. I really don't think there's any danger of 'exposing' Taker's character if it's brought up backstage that he isn't really an undead, supernatural zombie.
  7. Agreed with Kia Vince does need to get a grip
  8. Why is it weird? It's understandable to keep Undertaker's mistique, which is probably his best draw attribute.
  9. Because of what I said before. Everyone backstage knows Taker isn't actually a zombie so reacting negatively when someone backstage brings up his past gimmick of being the ABA is silly. I'd understand not wanting to bring it up on the show (although when they release DVDs such as the one about the streak that is coming soon, how will they cover it up then...)
  10. Vince hates the ABA gimmick? So do I!


    The loser in the front row with the 'I hate the ABA gimmick' sign
  11. I understand if they don't want to bring it up during the shows, but not even backstage? That's weird.
  12. You guys don't seem to get the underlying point. Vince isn't the bad guy here.

    You should really be mad at Michael Hayes for stealing all of my BJs.
  13. What you guys do need to remember is that it's not unusual for hugely successful businessmen to be a little on the weird side, especially when it comes to the products they have had so much success with.

    Remember Howard Hughes and his planes, Steve Jobs and his software, Ross Perot and his focus on education. It's the same with Vince and the wrestling business. He has had so much success in the industry that he probably believes that he really does have all the answers, so, if he doesn't like it, (as far as he's concerned) it won't work in the professional wrestling industry.

    If Vince didn't like ABA (which many of us apparently did, I know it was actually my favorite Undertaker gimmick), then (as far as Vince is concerned) ABA is bad for business. Vince apparently likes the "creepy, undead zombie" Undertaker gimmick (you know, essentially his original one), so, unless Taker himself puts his foot down about it (which is probably not going to happen), we're basically stuck with it so long as Undertaker continues working for the WWE (i.e., until he retires from pro wrestling).

  14. To expand on Waco. successful businessmen are eccentric.

    ABA is far from a comic book character and whoever denies Vince booking his talent as comic book characters is naive

    Vince's biography will kill it (when one day goes under) when it hits newstands

    I like the Howard Hughes analogy and would like to throw Don Trump's hat in there as well
  15. How could he hate that gimmick. Doesnt make sense Vince is weird
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