Vince McMahon..Ever Notice His Entrance?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Nice Person, Sep 25, 2013.

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  1. When you've watched Vince stroll down the runway to the ring; ever noticed that he walks like his balls hurt?
  2. Hurting balls? That's the walk of a man with swagger in his bloodstream and success snorted up his nose.
  3. Million of dollars swaggie walk
  4. He walks like "Fuck all of you, I am making billions"
  5. Those balls sign paychecks, brother.
  6. He walks like he's gone commando and the his junk is sticking to his thighs and he's trying to 'unstick' them.... guys you know what I'm talking about
  7. his balls has tattoos of dollar signs
  8. Wouldn't that be Shane? "Here comes the money" lol.
  9. He walks like he has swag, which he does.
  10. Yes.
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  11. Don't talk about his entrance. I feel a different person when I hear/see it.
  12. His Power Walk is awesome, as is his entrance theme.
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  13. He walks down the ramp like "What up,I gotta big cock".
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  14. Vince McMahon walks down the ramp like the man that could confidently convince any of the women in his employ to let him give them a glass bottom boat without any threat of lawsuits.
  15. He walks as if his testicles sag really low and there's one in each pants leg
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