News Vince McMahon Furious with Nakamura Botch Spot

Discussion in 'Wrestling News Feed' started by Wrestling News, Aug 10, 2017.

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  1. It was originally reported that there was no backstage heat on the fluke incident that saw Nakamura drop John Cena on his neck during their match on last week’s episode of SmackDown Live. That may not exactly be the case anymore, as it’s now being reported that Vince McMahon was not happy with the spot.

    According to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Vince was reportedly ‘furious’ with Nakamura over the botched exploder suplex spot.

    “Nakamura did not escape the wrath of McMahon, who has come to depend on Cena as the face of his company for the past decade,” reported Barrasso.

    He continued, “Despite McMahon’s anger, which was more in defense of Cena than it was an indictment of Nakamura, he has not lost faith in the Japanese star. If Nakamura makes another mistake on a grand stage, then McMahon will have an entirely different opinion of Nakamura.”

    For those who missed the spot, you can check it out below:

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  2. I saw that.... But Unfortunantly, accidents can happen. They just gotta make sure they do better and pay more attention next time
  3. is it just me or was this botch entirely Cena's fault? Correct me if I'm wrong but you kinda take an inverted exploder like a styles clash, you don't tuck your head in but you stretch it towards the mat. Like this:

    what Cena did is the literal styles clash botch we all know and cringe at. He tucked his head in when he wasn't supposed to. And I think that's why Cena couldn't be mad at Nakamura because John knew that he was the one that fucked up
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  4. In the WWE, yes, because they don't like their big guys taking anything risky or else they might get hurt and they'd have to rely on the small indie talent they steal for the sole purpose of the would-be competition not getting to use them. Anywhere else in the world, Cena took it like he should have, which is like a modified German suplex bump, except he either slightly over or under rotated, depending on whether he meant to sell it on his head or shoulders.
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  5. but the move is an inverted exploder.. how come everyone else lands on their belly and Cena's turned into a modified German suplex sell? If John wants to sell a move like a different move, that doesn't click for me lol
  6. At least Vince still has faith in him.

    I still think the plan will be at Summerslam for Baron to cash in right after Nakamura wins
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  7. The setup for it is very similar to the Regal Plex. The difference in the two moves is the difference in the landing, much like the major difference between a move being a vertical suplex and a brainbuster

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  8. Nakamura doesn't hook his arms around the other guys' leg and neck. Also, in a Regalplex he picks him up and puts him back down without letting go of that hook, while Nakamura's inverted exploder relies more on the other guy jumping and flipping over to his belly without hooking anything. Nakamura has done the inverted exploder several times now and I'm pretty sure Cena's seen him do it too. The argument of "Cena might not have known about the move" is kinda iffy to me because they most definitely talked about the finish of the match before-hand. And if John was uncomfortable doing it, then they could have done something else.
    My guess is as good as any others here but I really think Cena just wasn't prepared for the move at that exact moment. It's just a natural thing for a wrestler to tuck the head in when he's taking a move but not in instances like the styles clash or this now and Cena just followed his "wrestling instinct"
  9. The move can also be done as a release suplex, meaning they don't just let the opponent down.

    Even without hooking the hands to bring the leg up higher, the moves are virtually identical, and again, are really only different with the landing. Cena goes out of his way to put over finishers of new guys and make them look good, so my theory is that Cena decided to sell it Japan style, either as an homage to Nakamura and his style, as a way to get people talking (hence the news about McMahon being angry about it in the first place), or as a way to make the move look more devastating because if he had been pinned after a simple move like that, it would make him (Cena) look weak (because let's be honest, the move looks like dogshit with the "assisted moonsault sell" that they do in the WWE). Whatever the reasoning, I honestly believe it was intended to be done that way, with possibly a slight miscalculation on rotation on Cena's part.
  10. I'm really iffy on that sell being on purpose but one way or another, what I was originally trying to get at here is that it's still not Nakamura's fault. Whether Cena wanted to sell it differently or not, Nakamura just did his job and executed the move like any other night, so I don't see a single reason to be mad at the japenese guy here
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  11. And I never argued against that. My main point was that no one should be at fault. Shit happens in wrestl...errr, sports entertainment.
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