Vince McMahon furious with THQ

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  2. I believe this has already been posted.
  3. Or...WWE could go to someone else to make their games & cut ties with THQ entirely. As long as they're not going to Midway, I could think of several other game studios who could do it better. I'm sure a better product could make up for that loss
  4. :lol1: THQ is screwed.
  5. 45 million haha. How'd that happen. :lol1:
  6. Is it because they aren't releasing the DLC or something? Or is it some kind of defamation case? The fact that a product of theirs is somehow linked to bankruptcy?
  7. THQ went bankrupt.
    THQ owes WWE $45million from unpaid debt.
    WWE is now associated in the bankrupcy case so that they can get their $45million back from whoever sorts out that shit, government I'm guessing? IDK.
  8. :lol1: Good luck, THQ.
  9. If THQ ruins wwe13's online play, like people can't play online anymore because of the servers, Vince is really going to flip s**t. lol
  10. WWE 13' online? :lol1:

    They have the worst online multiplayer of any game i've ever played. To me that wouldn't really make a difference. Their servers are long overdue for a repackaging. I'm willing to be everyone here has seen a "can not connect to server" message at least 5 times.
  11. Had that issue since 11 tbh. WWE games have been a joke for a long time and need revamping and making by someone else so this could work in VKM's favour imo as I'd play if made by someone else.
  12. $45 million dollars isn't a small amount. Damn.
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