Vince McMahon Is A F*cking Legend

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  1. That's all I got so far. It's true. That dude has balls of steel.

    Vince built the WWE into what it is. CHECK
    Vince created WrestleMania. CHECK
    Vince used to do a bunch of cocaine and let the boys do their finishes on him at bars. CHECK
    (That last one is 100% true. I've heard it discussed in several shoot interviews.)
    Vince boned a lot of divas. CHECK
    Vince boned a lot of dudes. CHECK


    Vince took crazy bumps. CHECK

    If I remember correctly, he broke his cocyx on that one and it was only at the beginning of the match.

    The Nexus beatdown was pretty heinous. Before Wade hits the Wasteland on him, you hear some dude in the crowd scream "HE'S 60 YEARS OLD!"

    Undertaker vs Vince is one of the bloodiest matches ever.

    I could go on, I'll stop there so other folks can talk about how fucking epic Vince is.

    Oh wait one more thing....

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  2. I love Vince, he`s great!
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  3. He's FUCKING great!

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  4. When they repeat the bark it sounds as if she was having an orgasm lmao
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  5. Vince is the reason why most of us are here talking about this today. A true legend indeed.
  6. I loved when he made Trish strip to apologise
  7. gotta love Vinny Mac.
  8. Gotta admit, as a on screen heel and a business man, Vince is very smart. He did help build what WWE is today, and defeat WCW in the Monday Night Wars(although WCW fucking up destroyed the company). While Vince is not the most perfect man in the world, he did help bring up the most popular wrestling company in all of North America. Plus, his mic work as a heel is fucking boss.....literally.
  9. meh, B+ player at best.
  10. Vince McMahon is indeed a legend. A business icon. A man's man. The greatest wrestling promoter (and arguably the greatest promoter in general) of all time.

    More specifically, he's a great on-screen personality, some of the best mic skills ever, GOAT heel, great and IMO underrated commentator, etc. You also have to respect the guy when he's willing to take hard bumps in the ring or chair shots over the head or across the back or when he allows himself to be humiliated just to entertain people when he doesn't have to.

    If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't even still be a wrestling fan because except for WCW for a couple of years, no other wrestling promotion has ever held my interest for any long extended period of time. With the WWF, even in it's lowest and darkest days (e.g. 1993-1996.), there's still something that makes the show worth watching for me. That same thing applies to the product today as well. Here's hoping Triple H (and Stephanie) do a great job when they take over the reins from Vince. Based on what we've seen from HHH with his work in development and NXT, I have faith that he can do a good job running the empire but we can't actually know until Vince steps down and he's in charge of running the ship.

    Vince isn't perfect by any means but without him, the wrestling scene in North America would look MUCH different today than it does currently.
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  11. wow and i thought he'd be all sensible and stuff
  12. Vince is the rock legend of the wrestling world.
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  13. I agree 100%. I can't wait until he's back on TV.
  14. of course he is legend because he made WWE.
  15. [​IMG]

    He also fucked HBK.
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  16. Vince McMahon cuckolds HBK's wife lol... Every time Vince and Shawn get together you know they're gonna bang.
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