News Vince McMahon laughs off possible Rock retirement

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 2, 2013.

  1. Anyone else here not bothered over a Rock/Brock match remotely?
  2. All I think of when I hear Rock vs Brock is Brock vs Goldberg. Two former top talents on their way out who just didn't care and got booed out of the building. I fear we could get the same thing since I don't see Rock and Brock staying after mania 30 (well maybe Brock).
  3. I'm actually interested in seeing Rock VS Brock tbh, but it definitely shouldn't be for the title.
  4. Remember last year when Cena had the injury (going into the HIAC PPV) that put him out for six weeks at least and there were reports that Vince wanted him back within just two? Vince sometimes undersells how serious someone's injury can be because all he is thinking of is when they can get back to perform and make money for him. Of course, in this case, I think he's just being optimistic for the sake of his stockholders, basically assuring them that yes, Rock will be at Wrestlemania to help it sell huge again.

    I wouldn't mind Rock/Brock happening but I wouldn't mind it not happening either. I don't know if it'll get the WM20 treatment though (Brock is signed till WM31, and even the hardcore fans might respect it being Rock's final match ever.)
  5. I would enjoy Rock/Brock, but I would rather have both of them working with a full timer. Same with Taker. part timer on part timer action needs to cease to exist.
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  6. Hopefully Brock retires HHH and The Rock this year...
  7. i'd like it to be a triple theat match by throwing in a young up and comer and have them go over like when y2j went over rock and austin not sure who though
  8. IIt won't be a GOAT match, but it's still way more exciting than whatever the guys like Miz, Barrett and similar are doing these days.
  9. Nope i see it being a borefest.
  10. It'll probably turn into Brock/Goldberg.
  11. I don't think the Rock has what he had before, Hollywood has changed him. His Wrestlemania matches 1st one was not the best, but because of the hype I watched to see if Cena would win or lose. His 2nd bout was appalling. I don't think a match with Lesnar will do it. Lesnar vs Rock was great at SummerSlam because they were in their prime. Not now, Rock vs Brock, unless marketed and built well will not be an overall crowd pleaser. Rock can hype that up well, he is brilliant on the mic. IMO, Rock would be a great GM, heel or face. but I don't think he should be coming back for one off matches, Taker puts on a great show, Rock falls short on numerous occasions.
  12. I would love to see it but it depends on how the build is. I want it to be similar (if not, better) to the Lesnar/Cena build. I don't wanna have to wait 3-4 weeks for each of them to finally arrive on RAW or watch them via satellite..
  13. Me. I'd actually prefer it didn't happen.
  14. I'll mark for Brock/Rock tbh.
  15. I don't really care about Rock/Brock, but I guess I'd be curious who'd win. Honestly, though, I think the Rock's done. The novelty's gone and he knows it. Not to mention his stints in WWE didn't exactly improve his box office sales like he must've hoped. He doesn't have much reason to stick around anymore. Mild pops, little publicity, small paycheck. Why bother? For the fans? Maybe. But I don't think he loves his marks that much.
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