Rumor Vince McMahon no longer behind Roman Reigns

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    WWE bet big on Roman Reigns when Seth Rollins went down with an injury last November. In a way, WWE had to do it, but it was ultimately what they wanted to do, so it all worked out for them.

    That was until a few weeks ago when Reigns violated the WWE Wellness Policy and was essentially forced to drop the WWE title to Seth Rollins at “Money in the Bank.” Apparently, the punishment won’t stop there.
    Sure, WWE is done “punishing” him for his mistake, but Vince McMahon losing faith in his top star is going to be the long-lasting punishment because Vince is said to be lower on Reigns than he ever has been before.

    According to a report from, Roman Reigns failing the Wellness Policy right before the WWE Draft and brand extension has put him under fire with Vince McMahon.

    The word is that Vince was already souring towards him as the top star before the Wellness violation, so it was much easier for him after he had a legitimate reason to knock him off the pedestal.#

    Apparently, both AJ Styles and Seth Rollins are very high on Vince McMahon’s list to be his top superstars for Raw and SmackDown.

    He’s always been high on Seth, but he was claiming that he should have signed AJ ten years ago. Especially with top NXT stars coming to the main roster, Reigns is going to have a tough climb back to the top of WWE’s ladder.
  2. Source?

    And I don't see Vince losing sight of Roman just yet. I mean they put so much in this guy for so long, no matter what happened, I don't see him not being behind him anymore. Sure, he may not win the belt for a bit, but I'm sure he will still be a top dog
  3. Bad News for Roman Reigns’ WWE Push, Big Plans for Seth Rollins and AJ Styles?, More | Daily Wrestling News

    This is the source. It was hidden.

    But with the floundering support for Roman, and this, it should be no surprise that even Vince may be less likely to back Roman Reigns. Is the heel turn we all wanted finally coming?
  4. Vince high on Aj Styles? B.S.
  5. Smells like a BS report.
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  6. Reeks of bullshit. Three consecutive years went into building Reigns to be top guy and now because he failed a drug test before the draft Vince is willing to bury him? Makes no sense when you consider Vince was allegedly going to cover up the violation. Also Vince behind AJ Styes?...okeh.
  7. Reigns is fucked, what an awful time for him to finally shit the bed tbh. OF COURSE Vinny Mac is going to punish the absolute fuck out of him, and with Trips in line watch Sheamus end up moving up in the card while Reigns eats pins all day, every day.

    He has 0 mic skills, the spear is one of the shittiest finishers ever, and there is no way with Rollins back and Ambrose being as over as he is that Reigns ends up even in the title picture after the shitstorm that will be the title matchES, since it'll be at SS also. They will finally turn Reigns heel, and he will be as vanilla as one as he always has been with everything. 0 charisma, and they took away his drop kick on the side of the ring.

    I'd be willing to bet my avatar and sig until WM for anyone who thinks he will even look strong at his match now. Orton is going to job to Lesnar now that he won, and we will have a 2-3 months feud with Reigns and Orton IMO, and I dont even watch the fucking product anymore.
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  8. This could be true actually, not just because of the drug test but just because he's not being cheered by anyone at all. Well some people but it's just not working out, WWE wants a face people look as a hero, so maybe it is time for Seth and AJ to be the torch bearers of the perspective brands. Vince has to have some changes of heart sometimes right?
  9. Roman is going to be the new S.H.I.T (super hero in training) just like his bro Rosey
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  10. They're making a "Roman Reigns road to redemption" special.

    Vince is still very much behind Roman.

    Granted this is DailyWrestlingNews. So they probably made it up
  11. Might have some truth. He might not be as prominently featured, as before. There was reports of Dean out-drawing Reigns' tour before and after winning the title, but I doubt WWE cares about house show attendance, much anyways. He will be in the spotlight but that doesn't mean he'll be our next decade star.

    I still highly doubt this.
  12. is there proof for the redemption story?
  13. They're running a WWE 24 special on July 25th called, "Roman Reigns: Road to Redemption".
  14. They're advertising a special named "Roman Reigns road to redemption" for July 25th on the network
  15. show me it on WWE's social medias or website. this was proved as fake a few weeks ago. due to the date, it says 25th july. americans say july 25th.
  16. its as real as this. [​IMG]
  17. I stand corrected. I can't seem to find anything more than rumors, and WWE Network hasn't released their 7/25 schedule, so no way to confirm.

    Also, that poster you posted is shit, and is nothing like the Reigns one. Stock photo, and a completely different font than before. Just adding.
  18. So I came here for the Reigns story, saw that it's from DWN so I'm already hesitant on it.

    However, reading through these replies I see that it's not believable Vince would be behind AJ, why? To me, they've(he's) been trying to make Styles look as good as they can without giving him the strap.

    - Highlight of the Rumble match
    - Put in a lengthy program with Chris Jericho. Regardless of what you think of Chris, he is used and viewed as one of the best in that company.
    - Yes, he lost at WrestleMania. However, he beat Chris the next night on Raw, the most hyped one of the entire year, to become the #1 Contender for the World title.
    - At Payback, they gave him 2 wins. Were they clean? No. But like I said before, they're trying to make him look as good as they can without putting the title on him. They could've easily just had Roman beat Styles that night. "Oh man, Roman Reigns secures a win here against AJ Styles to cement his championship reign." No, they actually tried to make AJ look like a real threat to Roman's title when they really didn't have to.
    - 2 month long World title feud.
    - Immediately after his world title feud he's now in a program with the biggest star in the company(which he already has a win over)

    He's done all this in only 7 months so I don't see it being ridiculous to say Vince is behind him.
  19. Doubt it.
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    Based on Vince's shoot yesterday night... I DOUBT this. Highly doubt this.

    I mean fuck's sake, listen.

    He said "Even if you break the law." He's basically burying the whole Reigns controversy with that single quote. It's a cue from DX.
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