Rumor Vince Mcmahon NOT AT RAW TONIGHT


Guardian of Light. The Dave Meltzer of WWEF
-UPDATED- I asked Meltzer if it was true and he said Vince is still running the show, but appearntly Vince misses shows all the time now, interesting.

Well Ryan Satins reporting Vince isn't running the show, But Meltzers reporting he is, i guess we will have to wait and see, either way you can see the original post and Ryan Satins report below!

According to Ryan Satin who is a reliable scource when it comes to rumors leaks and such, hes gotten word that
Vince McMahon is not at today's Raw in Minnesota for some reason. He has been told Triple H, Paul Heyman and Kevin Dunn are running the show.

Tonights show just got alot more interesting.
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The Game
If you think that anything other than death will stop his strangle hold on the business, you are nuts. Don't get me wrong, I pray to God that you are right but even with XFL, I guarantee that nothing in WWE will happen without his say so.
If there was was a man crazy enough to try and run 2 huge corporations at the level he does, it would be Vince. However, he’s getting older, he made Bischoff and Heymann directors, and it’s not literally possible for him to run both at the crazy control freak level he would like to. It’s not sag he won’t ever step in WWE and pull his weight, but all signs are finally pointing to the contrary.

I think the below article sums it up best. Vince has to start handing it over and I only see him stepping in if things are literally tanking, or he disagrees with major decisions.

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