Vince McMahon Pulls C.M. Punk from UFC on FOX Appearance

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. In my opinion, stupid move by Vince. It could've garnered some UFC fans back to WWE.

  2. I'm not really sure if it is a stupid move or not.
    WWE fans would watch that event and many of them would be excited because of the product as it is new.
    Everyone gets excited with something new.
  3. Anyone who still believes shit on Lordsofpain is officially fucking retarded.
  4. Let's be honest none of the so called news sites are worth a read as a factual source. Its all speculation.
  5. Yet again, you took the words right out of my mouth @[seabs]

    Anyways, bad move on WWE's part. They could have gained more fans easily, which would equal a bigger profit.
  6. LordsOfPain is a lot more credible than let's say wrestlezone.

    If this is true, I see it as good or bad, it's debatable. Vince's logic is probably the hardcore Punk fans which there are a lot of, will order UFC just to see Punk. They find out they like the product and boom WWE loses a fan. I see it as Punk getting introduced by the announcers as the wwe champion, UFC fans like the look of him and get back into watching WWE.
  7. @Crayo, I don't understand what you mean by Order when it's on basic cable.
  8. Oh really? I thought UFC was just ppv's lol.
  9. Is this the second time they've had a UFC event a on non ppv basis after JDS vs Cain? Or have they done it before that?
  10. Who cares, wwe is fake why have a fake person get their ass beat.
  11. He was walking out with Sonnen not competing.
  12. Swear you're an idiot Mike.
  13. The forum wouldn't really be complete without the resident idiot though would it?
  14. Oh of course not. Without the idiots we wouldn't know the smarty-pants'.
  15. for popularity, i remember when everyone hated cm punk
  16. He was hated by the casual fans. The IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) have adored Punk for years.
  17. @[Crayo]

    UFC is only ppvs except from UFC on FOX and the upcoming UFC on FX and UFC on FOX 2.
    Punk would have been on "FOX 2".

    I doubt though he would have got his name announced.
  18. Ah okay thanks for the info :emoji_slight_smile:
  19. Where I live, UFC is on Spike network on Thursdays. Re-runs on weekdays. @[seabs]

    @[Crayo], If the IWC adored CM Punk so much, then why do people eat cereal for breakfast?
  20. I don't get it.