Vince McMahon says CM Punk is "harder to deal with than Shawn Michaels on drugs"

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Apr 15, 2013.

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  1. Skip to 7:05

    Interesting comments. Pretty much verifies that Punk is a pretty unique character backstage as most already thought. It also backs up the theory that goes around the IWC that Vince rewards wrestlers who show that they have balls.

    Anyway, the whole interview is pretty interesting.
  2. God I love white beats, I'll be hated for it but they look so good. I'm glad he takes it seriously as he entertains me.
  3. Punk has a vision and he goes for it. When he sees something, wants to go in a certain direction, he pushes it because he really does feel that is the right way to go. He isn't a 'yes man', and that's awesome. People in general should be proud enough to push what they believe and not let others stomp all over it. Too many people back down or are just plain afraid to do things and go with what others want. You get walked all over that way. Obviously, you wont always get what you want, but, there is no harm in presenting your idea and fighting for it if you really feel passionate about it.
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  4. Great interview as usual. Always enjoy hearing / seeing these. Love his comments on Vince and how he took that as a compliment, as well.

    Also, cool to note that the whole thing he mentioned on tonight's Raw about not being able to enjoy the ride because of always looking around the corner at what was next was also something he mentioned in this pre-WM interview when he talks about him and Vince.
  5. Great interview, going to check out a bunch of other interviews from that guy. Nothing really surprising in here after listening to quite a bit of Punk's interviews, but I really love that quote by Vince.
  6. It's good to see CM Punk stand for what he believes him. That hard headedness is good for that. It may be bad at times, but it's better then being a pushover, it also saves us from shitty promos that the writers might have wrote for him.
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