Vince McMahon says he didn't run WCW out of business.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 13, 2012.

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  1. Interview is from 2007 but republished on
  2. He contributed to some extent, but WCW shoveled a lot more dirt onto their own grave than VKM ever did.
  3. "The great thing about what we do is that we have a focus group every night—our fans. You think you’re giving them what they want, but then they shift on you. Raw has changed. Raw has continued to be flexible in order to keep true to what WWE fans want to see. That’s why Raw has produced more hours than any other television show in history.”


    As for WCW... WWF kicking ass didn't help, but WCW was more notorious for their own stupidity from the way I understand it. There's a reason that Hogan-Bishoff-Russo got so much grief in TNA. And stuff like David Arquette and announcing Mick Foley was going to win the WWF Title only confirms that.

    Although the merger was the real death nail.
  4. why does Monday Nitro sound same as Monday Night Raw? :angry:
  5. Vince has also always claimed he didn't run the territories out of business back in the day, they ran themselves out of business. I always pictured him as a dominant businessman that would be sitting back and laughing and taking credit for being the king of the wrestling world who destroyed his competition over and over but whatever. Is is true, though, that WCW dug their own grave. Even without mentioning what the WWF was doing at the time, I could go on and on about all the stupid shit that WCW did all on their own.
  6. Also lol'd
  7. Indeed, WCW sucked. If you have a company that's doing well and another one that does stupid things while taking shots at the other company, which one is going to succeed?
  8. It's a shame about WCW, they were a great company up until 99, then it all started going pear shaped.
  9. WCW had positives but towards the end they did indeed take a stupid turn and just mess things up for themselves. Such as Steiner interviewing Chucky fml!

  10. Really wanted to have the title as "run WCW out of buildness".
  11. Vince Russo killed WCW
  12. Vince---he deserves to be screwed
  13. Wasn't it Aol that killed WCW, they still pulled in decent ratings if I remember correctly, imagine if Bischoff's consortium had bought it. Would things have changed?
  14. I think so yeah
  15. Wasn't some AOL executive named Jamie Kellner who pulled the plug on Nitro's TV spot? He didn't want wrestling airing so he removed Nitro, which was pretty much the nail in the coffin.
  16. I think Bischoff said in his book that when he tried to buy WCW himself and was talking to different TV channels that could pick it up, none of the them wanted it because of all the money they had lost the last couple of years ($62 million in 2000, to be exact.) So, the mistakes they made on their own did have a whole lot to do with their demise. And if they had continued down that path, they would have ran themselves out of business eventually anyway, even without Jamie Kellnar pulling the plug.
  17. Yeah, it's true. They can complain about Kellner all they want, but they still put the World Title on David Arquette. They'd go out of business by themselves.
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