News Vince McMahon Sees Nia Jax As The “Andre the Giant” of the Females

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  1. While appearing on Talk Is Jericho, Nia Jax talked about the first time she decided to go into Vince McMahon’s office and revealed that Vince sees her as the ‘Andre the Giant’ of the females.

    “Vince is like the big dog, he owns the company. You hear, ‘Oh do this, do that because Vince likes it.’ So one day, I walked up to his office, grabbing some balls of mine and saying, ‘Hey Vince,’” Jax said.

    “I walked in and thanked him for the opportunity he’s given me so far and want to know what [he] wants me to do in this division. He said, ‘You’re like the Andre the Giant of the females. It’s going to take a lot for these girls to get you down. You’re a killer, you’re strong.’ He basically just told me that they need to work to get you down and you need to protect yourself in that way.”

    You can check out the full podcast here.

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