News Vince McMahon Steps Aside And Puts Triple H In Charge Of WWE 205 Live

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by WrestlingNewsSource, Feb 8, 2018.

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  1. Vince finally made the decision to let Triple H run the show back in mid-January as a way to reboot the brand, or fix it. Triple H is running the show, making all decisions, while Jonathan Baeckstrom is the current lead writer. Baeckstrom has worked on the WWE creative team since August 2013 and has been a lead writer since November 2016. Former WWE Performance Center Coach Adam Pearce is still working as the lead producer for the brand.

    Regarding roster changes, there may be more additions in the coming weeks. WWE NXT Superstar Roderick Strong was brought up to help freshen the roster and the show. As noted, Strong defeated Hideo Itami last Tuesday night to advance in the 16-man tournament.
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    Good, Vince is going to start to do this with all of WWE. He’s going to focus on the XFL, and finally let hunter run WWE completely.
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  3. Well...this will be a true test for Triple H.

    Can he make the WWE Universe care about the Cruiserweights?
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  4. I think he will. He’s done great with NXT and I think 205 live will be no different.
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  5. Yeah Vince will have a lot of focus on the XFL and I think this is kind of his way of letting go of the reigns a bit and letting HHH and Steph have more control. He will be able to keep busy and do his own thing while this transition happens. Either way, I hope he does a good job and shows Vince he knows how to run a great show.
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    I hope you're right...

    1st thing he needs to do is get Pete Dunne & Tyler Bate on the show full time...
    throw in Roderick Strong & Sin Cara & for the love of God get Neville back in
    the ring as well.

    Hear Hear!
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  7. Even tho people would probably prefer the feud to stay in NXT. Gorgano v Ciampa on 205 under the eye of Triple H would be sweet.

    Gorgano wins the tournament at Mania, Ciampa ruins the celebration and beats him up.
  8. I posted these in another thread...but it works here as well...

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    I have watched the last 2-3 205's live (post Enzo) and have enjoyed it.

    Its kind of sad in a way though Kailisto and Lince Dorado had a great match they go a few pops including a quiet this is awesome but I thought it was a great match.
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  10. 205 has already gotten better, check it out if you have the network.
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  11. I don't...and I barely catch RAW, SmackDown & NXT as it is.

    Too much product is Too much...

  12. Wife is not a fan so I tend to watch Raw/Smackdown Sat afternoon and squeeze in NXT at some point during the week. I'll skip RAW or SD on occasion, and 205 is almost new again stopped watching when Neville walked.
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  13. Wow 205 Live sounds like he has a lot of faith in him.

  14. If HHH had any sense, he would sign Rey Mysterio for 205 Live to get people watching again
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  15. And then being Enzo back once his court Shit is over and have them feud.
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  16. Enzo would be the ultimate heel if they let him return
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  17. Especially if Rey is back. Honestly, if they just put more emphasis on the stories and feuds, 205 Live will be a much bigger hit. They have tons of talent, and don’t “need” Rey, but he compliments the roster by giving that veteran good guy persona.
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  18. If they signed Rey it would be 1% "I want to watch 205 Live!" and 99% "Fuck WWE for wasting Rey on 205 Live!"

    Also, oddly enough, these past two weeks I've enjoyed 205 Live more than Raw and Smackdown
  19. 205 has not been to bad lately (as I said). Hopefully Kalisto, Cedric Alexander, Gran Metallic, Lince Dorado and Mustafa Ali become more prominent as they are the best in ring workers IMHO.

    m 205 63 (Feb 7th) had the Kalistio and Lince Dorado match I thought was good. "Drake Maverick" and the new tournament format and no Enzo have helped it IMHO.