Vince McMahon Tired Of Re-Writing RAW - Details

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Donald Trump_, Jun 6, 2012.

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  2. Okay so at least I only have to watch the first 20 minutes of the show knowing that.
  3. This is the result of always being online at the WF, @[Vince McMahon]. Can you go to a Creative Meeting, for real this time. :lol1:

    I tried, I tried.
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  4. Maybe he should just not be involved with the script at all :yay:
  5. Exactly, this is just a way to boost the ratings. The rest of RAW will be basically the same.
  6. I'm still holding out for some huge announcement. I'm not sure how they can just book this segment without one. Vince randomly firing Ace I don't think will happen. So surely something has to go down.
  7. Vince will be heel and team up with Laryngitis. the wrestlers will revolt and reform nexus with punk as the leader!

    During Punks title match at NWO a group of heels suddenly surround the ring. they and punk stare at each other for about 10 seconds, until the nexus comes running down the ramp and starts attacking the heels. Punk picks up the victory.

    The next night on Raw nexus are in the ring talking about how vince and laryngitis aren't in control anymore, when the same group of heels storm into the ring and start attacking nexus. These heels are a team created by laryngitis and vince. a 10 minute brawl ensues where the fight eventually breaks out into the streets. the camera abruptly cuts out. There is no apparent winner to the confrontation.

  8. If he fire Johney that will boost the rating!

  9. Such obvious and simple solutions. If he thinks he is helping the product with his last minute hands on bullshit he is more senile than we thought.
  10. To be honest Vince on TV is helping the product, he's entertaining whatever he does when he's on TV.

    He just needs to you know... not enter the creative room when the monkeys are working.
  11. I doubt anyone would ever question Mr. McMahon the on screen character. Clearly he is awesome in that capacity.
  12. I hope vince comes back as heel!!! he the best heel ever!
  13. Vince doesn't like it therefore nobody else should...That theory seems to be failing somewhere!
  14. IMO they need to start introducing advanced booking. Book things weeks in advance. Only change it if you can either improve it or you're forced to with injury etc.
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  15. According to that interview you posted with the ex-writer they try to do this but everything gets changed last minute by Vince
  16. Vince stopped writing Smackdown last year, when Koskey took over.

    So we have proof that Vince should gtfo.
  17. Yeah but even that isn't advanced enough. They put a show out, then write the next weeks, which normally changes because of Vince. Not advanced enough imo.

    Tbh, SmackDown sucks incredibly hard. No difference between that and RAW atm :emoji_slight_frown:.
  18. Tbh, they should put Heyman incharge of SD.
  19. Heyman should be in charge of everything. #MarkyMark
  20. #PowerTrip. No way he'd be put in-charge of everything. But he should be put in-charge of SD or Superstars/NXT. One of the shows that's not RAW.
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