Vince McMahon & WWE To Purchase LA Clippers?! + Donald Sterling Did Nothing WRONG!!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BeerDrankShawty, Apr 30, 2014.

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  2. What are your sources that WWE is going to buy the team? I didn't think he had enough money to buy the team and didn't know that the other owners would allow himself to buy himself into the NBA. As far as if he did anything wrong by what he said. I think any form of racism is is just wrong during these days of cultures blending in with each other. Some may not agree with my opinion but I think that what ever anyone says in private in their own home is their business.
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  3. Whenever I see your avatar all I can think about is "Regulators... Mount Up!"
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  4. You make some good points, but I still don't think a racist has any business owning an NBA team. Then again I'm sure he's not the only one. Still the nba had to do something, if for nothing else their rep.

    And also lol @ people mentioning or even comparing this to slavery. Because, ya know, slaves used to be paid 5-10-20 millions of dollars right?
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  5. Ummmm.......he told his girlfriend she could sleep with them, just not to be public with it.

    This is similar to many historical relationships (among all races), where a powerful man didn't care if "his woman" slept with other men as long as she was discreet about it. He probably felt more like it would make him look like a fool if she was publicly flaunting the fact she was getting it from his employees.

    But since the word "black" was uttered in the conversation, I guess that means he's "racist". So, it would have been cool if he owned the LA Kings, rather than the Clippers, right?

  6. AND get paid that much to play a child's game lol.

    Political correctness went from being a nuisance to a noose.
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  7. I dunno what's going on, nor do I care....but these videos were random as shit. I like it.
  8. ahahaha thanks alot man! really appreciate it. it's still in the works. i think Vince has enough money to make the purchase
  9. Vince ain't buying the team;
    I got Magic Johnson purchasing them.
    Perhaps Vince can join the conglomerate and make a partnership.
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