Vince McMahon's Private Jet

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  1. Does he really have one?
  2. [​IMG]

    Dude is a billionaire. Of course he has a private jet.
  3. 700 millionaire. :lol1:

    But yeah, of course. He has more than 1 I believe, one just for him and one that talent such as HHH/Cena/Other top guys can use x times/year.
  5. OMG that is an awesome jet
  6. He's worth over that but he himself isn't a billionaire. He's a multi-millionaire.

    Still, awesome jet. Company only has one though. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  7. WWE does actually have a legitimate jet. There's a picture above it has a RAW feel to it, nice jet to say the least.
  8. Michael Mcgullicutty is worth 2 mil. Wtf is dat shit
  9. Because of his awesome surname obviously.
  10. forgot Mr. Perfect was his dad :upset:
  11. The worst thing is he's practically guaranteed a job for life because of that name.
  12. LOL. Ric Flair is only worth 5 mil. Man did he fuck up his economy :baws::lol1:
  14. I doubt that thing is legit tbh, most of them aren't.

    According to Forbes he owned WWE stock worth $400 million in 2011 Source

    However he didn't make it into the list of executives with over $1 billion from the same time frame and needed the stock to be double what it was operating at this time to make the cut Source

    Stock traded at mid $9's at this time as seen in the above mentioned article and needed to be double for Vince to reach the list apparently, stock traded at 7.85 at close today ( Source ) So I doubt even with extra revenue streams his net worth is at the billionaire level, I speculate the $700 million mark is alot closer to the point from the limited research presented above.
  15. Vince Man did battle billionaire vs Donadl Tramp so he mst be biillions hair! case closed
  16. I can't argue with that logic.
  17. That's some Savage logic right there. Double meanings ftw.
  18. You just pulled a Randy Savage. :otunga:
  19. Rofl I so hope that was unintentional.

    Dolph you still don't understand what "worth" and "possess" is. Vince is probably worth over $1.1bn, because he owns a company that probably makes hundreds of millions a year. Vince doesn't own over $1bn though. For example, if this site makes a round $100 a month which we don't, I'd be worth $2-3k. But that doesn't mean I'd have $2-3k. Noobs.
  20. Don't for get CM PUNK!

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