Vince not happy with Batista not being over

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 21, 2014.

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    What do you guys think about this then?
  2. Lol I find it funny that Vince is getting frustrated with fan reactions tbh. Makes me laugh to think he's like YES bring back Batista he has the look! Then Batista gets zero reaction and Bryan who has no image that the WWE Backstage relate to is getting huge pops.
  3. Ah a guy has been here for ages and gets monster pops every time he comes out, lets go with that guy because he's got big muscles! :kiss:
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  4. Vince is mad about a star not being as big as what he feels he should be.... yet, when he has talent sitting right in front of his face--DB, Ziggler, Bray, Reigns, etc...he may or may not push them quickly....that doesn't surprise me at all. Triple H and Vince have a bad mindset in general when it comes to WWE superstars: they push whoever is good friends with them. It's all politics and backstage agendas. They think that because Dave sold a lot tickets at one point, he can return 4 years later--out of shape, clearly rusty, and looks like hell--and go over well with the fans? Sure, if it was just Cena and Orton still dominating the entire company and that was the only talent in the locker room, Dave's return would've been bigger because fans would be begging for anything new at that point.

    But Dave returned when DB, Bray, Reigns, Cesaro, Punk (when he was here), etc., are all waiting to get their chance to shine at Mania. Dave walks in being all "buddy, buddy" with Triple H and look what happens...The Animal comes in out of no where and wins the single biggest even of the year. Personally, I don't hate Dave when he's a heel wrestler; but overall, I feel that he sucks. In addition, he left the WWE, in the fans eyes, on a bad note. He left quitting like a baby in a wheel chair after getting his ass kicked by Cena and then coms back and loves the fans again? Real consistent...

    I know I went off on a spree, but I am trying to illustrate the point that Vince and Triple H are both blind most of the time when it comes to talent. Dave is not The Rock. He can't return at any point and cause an explosion with the fans...he's just not that big. And, most people don't care that much.
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  5. Vince, Stop being a hipster we hated him first.
  6. Turn him heel or stfu. Hopefully this brings back Vinny Mac. (did that on purpose)

    Could you imagine the face turn for the authority if Heel Vince came back and shoved Batista down our throats?
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  7. Things are going so well for WWE outside of the terrible Batista decision and Orton as champ. Two pretty big hiccups though sadly.
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  8. Well, it's easy to see why people would reject having a 45-year old ex-wrestler-turned-actor-turned-wrestler-again-but-only-part-time come back and win the Rumble over the current, full time superstars that they've become invested in year round. It's different if you're a mega star like The Rock, who's one of the biggest action stars in Hollywood and who once basked in the spotlight of the wrestling industry's most popular and successful era, but Batista was never that caliber of a star in wrestling and sure as hell isn't in Hollywood. And not even The Rock was handed things so easily after his return. Rock/Cena was built up for a year before it happened and then Rock saying he was on a quest to become the WWE Champion once more was also built up for several more months before it happened, too. Batista, on the other hand, goes absent for four years and then comes right in and gets a huge victory and a ticket to the Wrestlemania main event just ONE week after his return... all in spite of the fact that the fans are clearly behind a certain other superstar at the moment.

    But hey, Batista was a big star nine years ago (I was still in high school nine years ago...), plus he has a movie coming out in August! So clearly it just made more sense for him to be pushed instead.
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  9. Agreed. Those 2 big hiccups have caused heartache for me. Can't win em all.
  10. I agree with everything you stated. However, regardless if they built Batista's return correctly or not, like they did The Rock, he's still not nearly as big and it wouldn't have gone over well either way. Maybe I'm wrong, but I feel that most fans in general don't give 2 shits about Batista whether he's a good built up story or not. He's only interesting as a bad guy.
  11. Of course it wouldn't mattered even if they did build up his comeback longer on-screen, but the way he came back only one measly week before the Rumble, barely said anything, and then went on to win the match regardless was still lazy and contrived.
  12. Less is more in wrestling. I think giving Batista more screen time leading up to the RR match would have made for just as big a disaster.
  13. Agreed. Could've made it more interesting.
  14. maybe...maybe some more back story...not necessarily talking on the mic a whole lot but give him some more appearances and kick somebody's ass now and then?
  15. I think Batista's height of interest was before he debuted. By the time he showed up they realized the name recognition was all he had. His beatdowns don't look cool, his ADR powerbombs have all been lame. I think every time he appears, he is so bland and bad he loses fans interest more and more. So yea, headlining Mania here he comes.
  16. I don't feel "less is more" really applies in this case. We're about to start seeing a whole lot of Batista in the coming weeks during the build to Mania and especially afterwards when he actually has the championship in his possession anyways. He's even back to working house shows. In my mind, coming back earlier wouldn't have hurt. Making at least a couple of more appearances and cutting another promo or two would have gotten people a little more familiar with him (at least to me it would have made him winning a little more acceptable on a personal level.) At the very least, they could have tested the waters and seen how the fans react to his return for at least a few weeks before deciding whether they'd have him win the Rumble or not as opposed to just assuming he'd get a mega reaction and have all the fan support behind him upon coming back. (Not that it likely would have mattered given their stubbornness, but it's an idea.)
  17. Disagree. Less is more with Batista, because like I said his peak of interest was pre-debut. Once he debuted it was like "oh yea, that's Batista" and interest will only fade from here because he is so uninteresting. Of course less is more isn't solving anything, it is simply slowing the leak of interest coming from the Batista raft. It is sinking no matter what WWE does or did.
  18. In that case, why wouldn't they just hold off on his debut until the Rumble? Yeah, they wanted to pop a big rating for Raw (since that's just so important and stuff) but If his interest was expected to fade shortly after his debut (which I'll respectfully disagree on given that if it were true, they likely wouldn't be putting the strap on him in the first place a full two and a half months later), it seems they'd have likely just held off on his first comeback till the actual Rumble itself.

    Of course none of this would have stopped him from getting booed either way, I'm just speaking on a personal level (though I'm certain many would agree.) It's hard to get excited over someone winning the Rumble when they come back so shortly before it and spend all of about three minutes on-screen prior to the match itself. They didn't go this route with bigger stars like The Rock and Brock Lesnar, so I fail to see why thought it was the best idea to take it with Batista.
  19. I'm not saying WWE knew or expeted Batista to flop like he has, they are fucking idiots and don't know shit about what fans want. I'm saying that is the reality of the situation, that every time Batista appears more and more people will give less and less of a fuck.

    as far as you not digging Batista's rumble win, again, wouldn't matter what they had him do before or how many times he did it, Batista winning that match wasn't going to satisfy the wants and needs of wrestling fans such as yourself. It was NEVEr going to.
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