Vince Orders Sensible Wrestling

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Feb 28, 2012.

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  1. Source: Wrestlezone, so take it for what its worth.
  2. This just seems like putting two and two together tbh. I could tell you that Cena wasn't going to be put into any serious spots this close.
  3. Great call by Vince the man.
  4. Wrestlezone is lol site, but I gotta give them the credit for being the first site that reported that Russo is gone from TNA. So, kudos for that, at least.

    As far as this order goes (if true ofc),Vince should've done this 3 months ago. Imagine if someone like Cena suffered some major injury. It's just coming too late, I'd say.
  5. He probably told Cena to take it easy some time late last year tbh, there is no way he'd risk so a large amount of money.
  6. Good thing, would like to see some less good matches at RAW, and a HUUUUGE one at WM.
  7. Imagine if Cena broke his leg (obviously I hope this doesn't happen), wonder what Vince would do.
  8. WWE's plan of action warning this is top secret as I stole it from Vince's desk.
    Show Spoiler

    1. Cena wins
    2. HHH wins
    3. Orton wins
    4. The skinny fat guy with the beard wins
    5. Pick names from a hat.
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  9. He would let Cena compete, you know how Vince is..

    All about the MONEEEEEY..
  10. Lmao this.
  11. :lebron:
  12. I thought about this myself when they booked an ambulance match at Elimination Chamber between Kane and Cena, thinking that if they do anything too hardcore in the match, there's always that chance Cena could get himself injured.
  13. If Bret Hart can wrestle a series of matches quote unquote....then John Cena can wrestle w/a busted wheel

    If Zach Gowen can work a tag match w/Mr. America.... then John Cena can wrestle w/a busted wheel

    If Undertaker can drag his dead carcass thru a match against the Shovel.... than John Cena can wrestle w/a busted wheel

    I don't want Cena to wrestle w/a busted wheel.... but I don't want Katie Vick interfering in the Hell in the Cell match either
  14. That's probably why the match was so tame.

    If I was VKM, I would have told them to play save with everyone. There are so many injuries on this roster that I'm not sure if they can fill the WM card without using the Superstars guys.
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