Vince ripped for JR joke

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jun 14, 2012.

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  2. I missed this. Video?
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  4. Why do people pick on JR all the time? :upset:
  5. When he was with hornswaggle wearing the JR hat on RAW this week. Sorry, couldn't find the link. I agree, the anti-bullying campaign is full of holes, the best part is when they finish a segment, then the anti-bullying commercial comes on. I can't help but laugh.
  6. Wow. Stay classy Vince.
  7. I raged at this at the time. Was enjoying Vincent until that. So petty and unnecessary.
  8. It would be an easier pill to swallow if it was the least bit funny or a decent impression.. Plus didn't Vince/WWE rip seven shades of shit into WCW when they had the character mocking JR?
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  9. Probably. Refer back to the hypocricy mentioned in the OP. And yeah, hornswoggle being there made it even more unfunny. So glad they got some boos for it and the JR chants.
  10. The only good thing about that segment was Regal. You get that boring piece of **** Hornswoggle, Vince making that horrible expression that was also not funny and simply wrong and Cena was there, I don't remember, but it was probably some "I'll win" thing as always.
  11. Sure is strange how WWE has repeatedly made fun of JR over the years. Stuff like this is almost no different than what Russo and Ferrera did to mock JR several years ago in WCW.
  12. It was bad taste......but I don't think it's as bad as everyone's making out

    Mountains n molehills n all that
  13. Vince is a disgusting example of a man
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  14. Id feel insulted if I was JR. If someone made a joke about
    me, it better damn well be funny or I'm going to be even more pissed.
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  15. I want JR to call at least one episode of Impact just to stick it to Vince for all the crap he's put him through throughout the years. This is ridiculous.

    I mean, messing with JR is easy cheap heat. Everyone knows that. Comparing Cole to JR is some of the easiest pop you can get, better than running out and saying "arse" every week... So now a babyface Vince (shouldn't happen anyway) is mocking him to get face heat? Whaaaa...

    Vince must have forgot his meds that afternoon.
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  16. Doesn't JR call NXT or superstars?
  17. NXT, beginning next week. But we can dream, can't we? :otunga:
  18. Strange? Vince doesn't like him. Vince is a child, people need to realise this in my opinion. He'll purposely recklessly destroy people on TV, even if it's subtle.
  19. Mark needs to stop crying its funny
  20. One only make fun of JR (One of the most beloved figures in wrestling) if one can be funny and do it with taste. Neither Vince or Swoggle was that doing that.

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