News Vince russo on Triple H's comments and Chyna

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  1. Russo's rant on chyna and wwe treatment.

    Any opinions about Russo's remarks the general states of things between Chyna and WWE?
  2. He is right, all The H had to say was "Never say never" or "I'd like too but we would have to work some things out". What he said was just, even though it's true he didn't have to go for the low blow. I think he was just afraid of saying something nice and getting the evil eye from Steph.
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  3. Chyna is an adult film star now. Bringing her back, in any capacity, sounds like trouble waiting to happen.
  4. She's not anymore. I do get your point, but "Ohh, think of the children" seems like a bad excuse, considering how many drug addicts and troublemakers got into the hall of fame.
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  5. Big difference between trouble maker and porn star. WWE can't have people googling a "hall of famer" and porn popping up. Bad for business.

    She will never be in, nor should she be for the choices she made. I'm sure she knew she was burning a bridge by going into adult films, and like HHH said, more power to her that is her life and she can live it how she wants, but she won't be in the HOF.
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  6. You can read about them taking drugs, but you won't see them taking drugs. (Plus they cleaned up their acts.)
    If you search Chyna on the other hand, you can see and read up about her. And you don't want kids seeing that shit.
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  7. I agree on that but I just personally think that HHH didn't have to take that low of a blow to her. So many other words or ways to say no then just talking about that.
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  8. I thought he was pretty respectful about it. He didn't bash her, he was just matter of fact and didn't dance around the question.
  9. I think Triple H explained it fine. lol
    He said, "Does she deserve to go into the Hall of Fame? Absolutely. But what happens when a child wants to know about her, searches her up and what pops up?"
    She started doing legitimate porn in 2009 or 2011. WWE went PG in 2008, so she should have known this decision would probably affect her future relationship with the company.
    If the WWE ever does decide to change who they cater to, it might change, but for now, it's nah.
  10. Besides, has Chyna said anything about wanting to go into the HOF? She's not exactly on good terms with the people at WWE as far as I know so why would she want to interact with them anyhow
  11. As far as "cleaning up" goes, Chyna is not a porn star anymore, does that make the analogy go full-circle?

    I personally think that :emoji_stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:ac is a hell of a worse role model then chyna, and this is also verifiable through a click. Also, it's not like you type her in and "OMFG CLICK HERE FOR BIGGER PENIS". Her porn carrer is at the second-third page.

    I'm not saying it's a wrong decision to keep her out of it, i'm saying the justification was shit. I get it, porn is taboo, but he could have just said bluntly that he's protecting his demography, instead of trying to make it seem like he was protecting someone for erasing chyna from history.
  12. There's also a fucking Google filter for this kind of shit.
  13. Most kids at age 6 know how to turn that thing off.
  14. Then they're smart enough to know porn without chyna's help
  15. Again, when you search Chyna, you see that she was an adult film star.
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    When you search X-Pac, you see an ugly guy. Sure, he's had his drug problems, but what you'll most likely see when you search him is his mugshot. Also, they're in no way erasing Chyna from history. lol
    They show her every year in the Rumble hype up video and mention her sometimes.
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  16. Isn't that triple h's point, though? That making her known again is bad? Isn't that the same as saying it's better to let her fade away to protect the kids?

    Sure, it's not a chris benoit thing, but he blatantly said it was better to let her mix with the crowd. Also, praise the lord if this sidenote is going to make the kid so interested that he's going to become a masturbation junkie.

    I'm much more inclined to believe that seeing the numerous steve cold guest appearances and beer drinking videos is more stimulating for alcohol drinking than this is for porn watching
  17. I don't even think that's the issue here. I think this is only blatantly about the Hall of Fame. But then again, how often do they even mention stars from the Attitude Era?
    They probably mention her more than most Attitude Era stars, they're not letting her fade away.
  18. They mention the boss-beating alcohol worshipper Steve Austin. Also yay for talking of demons and spooky shit with kane and company. I concede the point that they do control a lot of what comes from the attitude era, but the shit I just mentioned is equally dangerous if you take the conservative christian's point of view.

    Like I said, it was a shitty excuse to make (some of) wwe's shitty fans and executives have some sort of just moral high-ground.
  19. Apparently she responded to HHH's comment with an "i understand, but if the offer was presented I'd be all for going in as a part of DX if that is a away around it" on twitter.

    Hunter handled the question well. The HOF is still pretty hypocritical if you can have convicted rapist Mike Tyson and accused murderer Jimmy Snuka in it but not pornstar Chyna. But Hunter did handle the question very well.
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  20. If we are to take Russo's words to heart, it was just the guy handling her account that said that. She's going to give a 90 minutes interview to russo regarding her situation.
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