Vince Russo Replaced as Head Writer(Update)

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by CM Punk, Feb 12, 2012.

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  1. As @[JoeRulz] pointed out. If he is, I think it will help a bit. They need more than creative to make TNA watchable.

  2. RE: Vince Russo Replaced as Head Writer(Rumor?)

    PWInsider just confirmed it.
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  3. RE: Vince Russo Replaced as Head Writer(Rumor?)

    Hahahah! :tongue:
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  4. RE: Vince Russo Replaced as Head Writer(Rumor?)

    Yep, confirmed on PWInsider.
    TNA should improve now.
    Dave Lagana is great :emoji_grin:
  5. RE: Vince Russo Replaced as Head Writer(Rumor?)

    Meh, Lagana is nothing special actually, he's not bad either (see Ring Ka King). It's just that freakin' RUSSO is gone, and pretty much anyone is better than Vinny Ru.
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  6. RE: Vince Russo Replaced as Head Writer(Rumor?)

  7. Update Posted!
  8. Funny because TNA has been more watchable than WWE for the past month, and this is supposed to be the best time of the year for WWE
  9. I wouldn't say past month at all. TNA has had 2 horrible shows this month and so has WWE.

    But this is great news for TNA.
  10. TNA Matches > WWE Matches
    Storylines are a mess which makes it not watchable.
  11. TNA storylines have been fine as of late. I'm guessing since you find it unwatchable though, you haven't been watching
  12. Somewhere Jarrett is curled up in a fetal position on the phone w/Russo as we speak

    ... the final domino has fallen... what's next for this insane duo?

    My guess is they end up in Alaska promoting their new fed, called TDW ---Two Delusional Wasteheads"
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  13. PWtorch is saying that Bischoff was a major reason for the move, he and Russo didn't get along very well. With Bischoff's buddy in control, then he'd have more control over the product.

  14. :no::no:
  15. [​IMG]



    Need to be put in creative control of TNA. I'm glad Russo is gone but they need people who the talent will respect, rather then yes men. It's a shame Gabe is busy.
  16. Couldn't have used a creepier shot of Paul Heyman could you @[seabs] ?
  17. It's difficult to get a picture of Paul not looking like he's gonna rape you tbh. It must of been scary in the locker-room post show.
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  18. Maybe that's why he always got the best out of superstars.
  19. Gee, Gabe is one ugly fucker.
  20. Between the rape face and wondering if you'd get paid for your nights work
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