News Vince Russo Reportedly Working with TNA's Creative Team Again

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  1. - Word going around TNA is that Vince Russo is once again working with the company. TNA recently reached out to some creative people for some consulting on their TVproduct and Russo was reportedly one of those people.

    A handful of people in the company believe 100% that Russo is once again involved in TNA creative. Russo was at least copied on some recent e-mails between members of the TNA creative team. The official response from a company spokesman is no, Russo is not working with the company.

    Secret Investor? :hmm:
  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww shiet.
  3. Don't know what to think and if it is indeed true, but there are certainly some russo'ism in today's TNA product.
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  4. I was watching Genesis with a friend and damn, I did point out various things that seemed Russo work, like the pole match and Velvet in a cage, among other things. I'd mark hard if he was the investor.
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  5. Gotta say me too. Would be such a classic swerve


  6. I couldn't resist
  7. What if he's been working for TNA since Hogan arrived and all the old TNA lovable memories have been hiding in the back and once he makes his public return he brings back the old TNA?! BAH GAWD WHAT A SWERVE! :russo:
  8. Don't forget the entire main event! :russo:

    Seriously I hope so.
  9. Russo on national TV at 9pm in 2014 would piss so many people off
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  10. Week of January 19: Both WWE and TNA get their highest ratings in a year.
    Week of January 26: Batista wins the Rumble and Russo returns to TNA TV to feud with Dixie.

    Now THAT'S a swerve!
  11. Vince Russo back with TNA lol hes gonna kill the company
  12. Interesting. Mixed reaction that I have for him, just hope he doesn't fuck shit up for TNA.
  13. If he has someone filtering his dumbshit ideas this isn't too bad, don't give him full control though.
  14. that's all tna needs is russo to help them go out of business
  15. Desperate times...

    I don't even think this is a bad thing. Russo with a filter might be decent.
  16. Dixie has to be that desperate that shes got back Vince Russo
  17. of course she is. tna is garbage these days.
  18. It's already been killed :jeritroll:

  19. @BrockLesnarFanForLife if FTJ doesnt do it for you we found a 2nd option.
  20. Vince Russo is the last resort when it comes to TNA
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