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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jonathan, Jun 17, 2012.

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  2. Why can't you post it in public?
  3. Don't want to risk it being deleted.
  4. I want to see what that idiot has to say. :haha:
  5. Just link to your channel then.
  6. PM'ed you brother. :hogan:
  7. PM'ed those who have PM'ed me.
  8. Thanks man. :otunga:
  9. It was awful. He dodged every question, didn't put anyone in the hoe-bag, only put one person in the dick-bag (and he didnt even really think he was a dick), and talked more about WWE/WCW (stuff we've already heard) than he did about his TNA venture.

    Also, the production quality was terrible. Audio/Video was fkn up throughout the whole thing. You couldn't even understand the people who sent in videos.

    Just save your money, because they pretty much announced during the YouShoot that they're doing a Guest Booker w/ Vince Russo which will be better.

    I will say I lost a little respect for KayfabeCommentaries for allowing it to be that bad.
  10. :win:
  11. Good thing I only watched the first 10 minutes, I stopped to eat. :dawg:
  12. @[Xanth] :burns:
  13. Not a hour long snack, it was my lunch. I hadn't eaten since 8 AM, sometimes you've got to. :dawg:
  14. Dodged every question? No.
    Hoe-bag? Yes.
    Talked a lot about TNA.

    Production was pretty bad.
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