Vince Russo's Booking Of The Cena/Lesnar Match

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Aug 16, 2014.

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    Any opinions on this? Obviously this just sounds like Vince Russo throwing shit at the wall, but it would be one hell of a swerve. But Cena turning heel by screwing over another heel? Meh. Brock Lesnar is much better in the heel/tweener role, although if this were to happen (which it won't), at least it could be said that no one saw it coming. For all the times that people keep trying to guess when Cena could finally turn heel (Wrestlemania 28, 29, etc.), I've yet to see anyone think that it might happen here.

    Not that I agree with the idea because I don't. I'm just trying to put a positive spin on it. (If Bryan were healthy and defending the championship against Cena in a rematch from last year's Summerslam and turned heel by joining The Authority at the end, I could maybe get behind it, but not with Lesnar.) But what would everyone's reactions be if this did take place?
  2. Baby face Lesnar isn't my cup of tea. Kudos to him for the idea, but it would work better against someone besides Brock.
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  3. So, uh... the motivation for Cena and Heyman to get together is that they're being misbooked? Like, in storyline, that's the motivation? And also Mr. MITB is going to help the champ retain and, well, not cash in? Well, funny thing is that in fact this one is by Russo actually :lol1: :russo:
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  4. tl;dr especially when it's that clown but his idea is apparently Cena and Heyman to be together against baby face Lesnar (despite the fact that Heyman led Lesnar to beating THE UNDERTAKER so why would he betray him? Also he'd need more than Cena to stop Lesnar from kicking his ass, heck Heyman needed Rybaxel and Lesnar to stop Punk. Also, Seth Rollins would help Cena... but not cash in on him afterwards to cement his own legacy as THE TRAITORFACE? :damnn:

    No wonder this guy doesn't work for a professional wrestling company anymore (or so we hope). :gtfo:
  5. lmao the only thing unpredictable about the AE was the tag team division. You have to be kidding. If they think it's going one way - let's take them another.

    The Attitude Era was a ton of luck along with DX being held in check while the NWO absolutely ruined an entire product. I say that as an NWO Outsiders fangirl. The Attitude era had great matches, amazing products, cheap heels that went over, and an entirely different crowd than today. You have 14+ in the AE compared to 8+ now days sure you are going to have spongebob Cena trying to cater to both crowds, but then it was easy. Pimpin aint easy, Val Venis Saving Ryans Privates, etc, the AE was great because it was cheap humor at it's finest with the focus on the ACTUAL MATCH product. 3-6 month feuds, interchangeable figures in divisions without having to bury people (which wwe clearly does today) and most importantly a dictator at every turn.

    If Vinny mac came back at summerslam, buried Rollins briefcase and killed it, Then made HHH and the authority leaders of NXT alone, you could have a serious kicker in the right direction. Imagine HHH Steph instantly turn face, the bellas fucks off, and instead of this dramatic shit going on now we split the sides without splitting the product. People like Lesnar stay exactly the same, and the wrestlers are chosen like kickball or are forced to play shark tank and pick sides. That is the WWE I want tbh. Vince vs HHH, 2 years easily and if anyone bitches, over a year ago we saw CM Punk 2 times per show, HHH twice easily, and depended on cheap pops that are happening today to advance storylines that were being weekend and bernies'd.

    I'm not even suggesting the product goes from where it is to 14 or 18+, you could do this easily by showing people what happens when a business splits and people are left to choose. Enough with the medals for 8th place, you either want to succeed, you need to move on, or you need to buy a permanent marker and a sharpie.
  6. Lesnar still has heat for taking the streak.
    Lesnar doesn't work often enough for the double turn to be effective.
    See Ziggs/Del Rio for a better execution of a double turn
    Where's HHH in all of this? Cena's good for the Authority as is Hey man but this typical Russo
  7. Does he? Seems like he was being cheered the last two times he was on Raw to me. I know feuding with John Cena can get almost anyone cheered, but if ending the Streak was really supposed to give someone nuclear heat like everyone said it would (which I never agreed with, especially after seeing Punk get 50/50 cheers alongside Undertaker after dumping Paul Bearer's ashes all over him just a week earlier), then you'd think people would still be booing Lesnar. Their reactions to him don't sound any different than they did before (except for the heat that he and Heyman got the night after Wrestlemania.)

    Not that I agree with Russo's decision to turn Lesnar face, I just always thought people were seriously over-blowing the worth of the Streak when they acted as if ending it was gonna transform someone into a mega heel for life.
  8. Good point. In reality, you are accurate but is this how the Empire views it?
    Heyman harped on the Streak for months and Lesnar's mercy further elaborates his delight in ending the streak.
    The truth is, there is nothing to hate about Brock Lesnar. He put Taker down clean. I don't believe he's had one dirty win, unless you count Big Show (which nobody bats an eye over anyway).
    Had Lesnar went the Daniel Bryan route (starting the YES chanting after winning WHC in 2011), this would be a mega-heel deal.
  9. This seems pretty random, so it does catch people off guard I guess. Why turn though on the guy who defeated The Undertaker's streak? Especially when he's also about to become WWE champion? That seems illogical to me. Maybe if it was someone else, like even beating up Seth Rollins just because he has the case, even with security holding him back. He takes it far like running him over with a car, then turning his back on the crowd it could work better. Teaming him up with Heyman just seems odd, and Cena doesn't need a mouthpiece face or heel anyhow.
  10. Punk didn't need a mouthpiece and Cena staying face is gross.
    This reeks of Jeff Hardy's heel turn which was great
    Having these gigantic heel stables has always been Russo's schtick. Its oooooold
  11. Russo strikes again with bad booking
  12. Unless Brock is retiring and has no future plans with WWE.....then Cena turning heel in this instance would be great....and Brock could be gone for ever....Cena would be the biggest heel and be "the one" who beat "the one" would be great...but, yeah, if they plan on continuing any sort of feud between them with Brock turning face....then no.....

    Cena should go heel though, this point, he could have a sex change and walk out as a Diva and I'd be least it's different than his currently, overused shitty gimmick.
  13. Isn't happening, buddy. Roman Reigns isn't anywhere near the star everyone is hoping he will be,
  14. Against bryan at s.s. Last year would have been perfect.
  15. I don't get why people jizz a load in their pants when Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Bryan comes up.
  16. It's never happened. It's David vs Goliath. Two great in ring competitors.
    Two wrestling wives. One has the full company backing him, the other does not.
  17. I think Reigns is pretty damn popular.
  18. Good to see that in retrospect this would've ruined the best match of the year and one of the greatest wrestling moments I've seen, with Cena being squashed. You know, after Lesnar won the belt and I was looking at this beast who broke the Streak and just destroyed Cena, I don't think anyone beating him will be believable. I don't see Reigns anywhere near the superstardom/beast level of Brock, and it's not like they've done anything wrong with him. They still have some months to change that, but hey, Brock is awesome.
  19. If you read my post, I said Reigns won't be the star 'everyone is hoping he will be'.
    Will is being used in a future tense.
  20. so you think he's popular now and will just plummet for no reason?
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