Hell in a Cell Vince tells Charlotte "No"

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  1. "According to Top Rope Wrestling, she pitched the idea to Vince McMahon that she should do a Moonsault off the top of the cage! There's no further details, so we don't know what the context would have been. Perhaps Sasha would be on the announcers table like The Undertaker was at WrestleMania 32 when Shane McMahon tried to land on him. Maybe Charlotte would moonsault onto another object that just happened to be there (like when Rikishi was chokeslammed onto the back of a truck at Armageddon 2000).

    Again, this is all just a rumor for now, but if true, that would be an absolutely insane request! Jumping from that height is, of course, incredibly dangerous, and is much more so when you can't see where you're landing. If either competitor was badly injured (or, you know, worse) that would create some incredibly negative publicity for WWE."

    If Charlotte legit requested this, approved or not, if she did... Hats off to her. I don't know many female wrestlers that would ask to do something that risky. I would imagine if this is true, Ric may have helped sway the "no" to this idea. I can't blame him (Ric) for saying/asking her not to do it. And YES, this is only a RUMOR but felt is was worth sharing.

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  2. If she did request that....I think she's lost it and we may need to get her checked up psychologically. It's crazy enough jumping off the cell...but a moonsault?! She has guts!
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  3. It takes some BAWLS to even request such a thing and I wouldn't blame Vince for saying no if this ends up being true but I give her credit. :obama:
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  4. Holy crap! If this is true then fair play to her but is she insane?!

    I remember thinking the days of people going off the cell were gone after they changed the design - Shane proved me wrong on that one lol

    I think it'll be awesome for the match to have a crazy spot of some sort but I cant see Vince giving the go ahead for anything that extreme again
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  5. Gotta agree that if she did request this, I have to respect her guts. But I have to agree with Vince on the 'no.' This is just the sort of thing that is not only too risky, but if she was successful, might encourage others to try it. I know that is a bit of a slippery slope, but that's how I see it. Best to just nip the idea in the bud right away.
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  6. Agreed with the above. Thank you for the courage, thank you for being so passionate in your history-making encounter, thank you for offering to go so far above and beyond to entertain us, Charlotte. And thank you Vince for being the filter because nobody wants to see Charlotte die
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  7. Admire the guts but yeah, Vince saying 'No' may have averted a massive disaster and a huge blemish in women's division. If something happens during this match and one of them get hurt, you can forget about speciality matches for women. I still want to see a ladder match and a falls count anywhere one. Heck, even a last woman standing would be epic.
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  8. Hats off to her, if this rumor has any truth to it.

    Performing a Moonsault off the top of the cell would be downright bonkers.

    So, "No, thank you. We'd hate to see you die out there." would be the proper response to Charlotte's alledged deathwish.
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  9. Oh Jesus...I'm going to reply to this as if its true...

    Okay...first off...Its no secret around here
    that I love Charlotte. I think she is an amazing
    athlete and performer and is clearly one of the
    best women wrestlers ever to set foot in the WWE
    ring or any other ring for that matter.

    It also doesn't hurt that she is a beautiful, tall,
    blonde amazon with an in-ring presence that I believe goes
    unmatched by any of the current female competitors.
    (Asuka is a pretty close second)

    Her moonsault, like the woman herself, is a thing of
    beauty and for a woman of her size and build to look
    so graceful as she soars through the air is simply

    Now...I understand this Hell in A Cell Match could be
    the biggest moment in the history of women's wrestling...
    And I understand that this match offers a chance for
    both women to go down in history...


    We don't need another moment like the 1998 King of the Ring...

    We really don't...

    While the Mankind/Undertaker match is possibly the most
    watched/talked about match in modern wrestling history...
    When you take a step back and actually "watch" the match...
    its actually pretty horrifying.

    Now I respect Mick Foley and Mark Callaway...but I never
    want to see any other wrestler go through that kind of...
    Hell (Pun not intended) ever again.

    So Charlotte...I love you...I understand this is a huge
    moment in wrestling history and you want it to live forever...

    Just No..

    I'm serious...


    I mean it...


    Listen to Vince...

    I never thought I'd say that...
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  10. MOMMA MIA. If this is true my respect for Charlotte is through the roof. That would be the spot of the year and would get the WWE a lot of press (Good or Bad) if she was talking to attitude era Vince we would probably see it happen, but it is probably for the best that he said no.
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  11. Charlotte Is A Wrestling Goddess!..................Let her Jump!:yes:
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  12. And possibly kill herself? No. That'd be dumb.
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  13. If Charlotte legit requested this, approved or not, if she did... Hats off to her.

    Hey, it would be her choice if she's down I'm down....Never ever said I want her to get hurt!...............I think it would be a perfect 10 whatever move she would have or may do.
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  14. Hey, man. I still stand by what I said.
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  15. As do I sir.......................:nod:
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  16. Yes she is...All Hail Charlotte!

    No...we can't let her...its just to dangerous...

    Biggest understatement ever!

    No doubt Charlotte wants to make this history making match
    as good as it can be...so yes...she deserves respect for that.

    True...it is her choice...but...sometimes other factors have
    to be taken into account and the truth is...as amazing as the
    spot would be...it isn't worth taking the risk...for Charlotte
    and wrestling as a whole.

    And I'm not saying Charlotte doesn't have the skills to
    do the spot...clearly she does...its just...not worth the risk.
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  17. Vince did not OK the 1998 Foley/Taker one they did what they liked.

    Vince coming out looking all concerned was legit, same thing with Taker on the top of the cell.
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  18. True...but I'm sure he would said no had Foley asked him...
    So they should have been concerned...it was insane!
  19. It was insanely AWESOME!:bubba:
  20. Maybe she can just climb half way up the cell wall and moonsault or something.
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