News Vince thinking about pulling the plug on WWEN

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Sep 12, 2014.

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    Whoa! WWEN is the only reason I have been able to watch PPVs when they air lol. I'm sure plenty of you on here probably figured this would happen sooner or later.
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  2. Expected this to happen, not so soon though...
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  3. oooololol such a FAIL!
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  4. Good lad. Always thought this WWEN thing wouldn't be huge and successful.
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  5. I always thought it might be a bad idea for them financially. Surely all the people that pay for PPV's would be the ones most likely to get the network- so they'd be losing around $400 person per year. Sure, it would encourage people that don't buy the ppv's, but I can't see it being enough.
    I know that I wouldn't bother with it until they put all of the old Raw's and Smackdown on there.
  6. If they do pull it down they should get rid of that hideous logo.:happy:
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Actually
    Show Spoiler

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  9. So now it's gonna be even cheaper than $9.99? :aries2:
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  10. Has it even been released everywhere yet? I thought they still had some markets left to start the service up with.. Personally I would wait until everybody has access for several months and then see where you're at.
  11. That perk would get old very very soon.
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  12. Hopefully it's true, would be happy to know that they figured out their idea was a complete flop. How about providing, I don't know, a good product before doing a "network"?
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  13. This is such a smark thing to say. The deal was fantastic given the library and PPV access even if the product isn't great.
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  14. Leo has been breathing fire as of late!

    How about you take TNA's advice. When you don't have your shit together creatively and it's complete chaos backstage, you don't worry about ratings and buyrates, you get your shit together backstage. How they expect to put on a good show with this whole infighting between Kevin Dunn and Triple H, last minute rewrites, everybody changing their minds on what to do, etc... Fix that, THEN worry about the network.

    My best friend just ordered a subscription after watching a few more moves from Adrian Neville on Raw, so he bought the 12.99 package for Takeover II. It's amazing what you can do by just providing good wrestling which should be the point of your show, no?
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  15. Fire Kevin Dunn and David Kapoor! Bring back Russo, if the product still sucks, fire his ass, too!
  16. I'd be on board with bringing back Russo. The product could use his influence - storylines throughout the show, unique characters, etc - but can Vince still be the great filter like he was in the AE?
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  17. Guess we'll have to wait and see...
  18. Human beings are fickle. If you watch anime, many of their series only last between 20-30 episodes. I understand Spanish television works similarly.
    The U.S is disgustingly notorious for quenching as many seasons as possible out of a saturated product. It's more, more, more rather than proper dosage.
    Sometimes, it's best to quit. How many of us stay with the same buddies all our lives?
    I'm going overboard to make this point: wrestling isn't so great that we will willingly spend money robotic-ally over a period of time.
    Wrestling is entirely formulaic. Once you've seen a good five to ten year period, you are likely to have seen everything incarnation or another.

    The WWEN is borne to fail, especially when the american product emphasizes so much quantity over quality.
  19. How does this link to anything what so ever?
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  20. You said that the WWEN was a good idea and I say no. WWE thought they could gather a library heavy enough to attract viewers.
    This viewership would have warranted starting up the Network when, in reality, is the same garbage regurgitated,
    WWEN simply isn't worth paying for over six or even twelve month period.
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