Vince trying to get Vickie to forfeit their lifetime deal?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jun 10, 2012.

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  2. So he's not? And I didn't know Eddie was his wife. I thought Vickie was her sister or something.
  3. Interesting read. Good thing she doesn't care about it.
  4. This really bothers me. First of all, Jerry Lawler, please either shut the hell up or get off my TV. Second, it's really bothersome that Vince did this at first out of the "kindness of his heart", but then he's done everything he could to embarass her on TV.
  5. I'd be fine as long as they upheld their promise to support her financially. Tbh her character is stale as hell, and even though she is a heat magnet she isn't the least bit entertaining.

    I don't want to see her on tv really, and the fact that she is an anchor around DZ's neck only compounds my lack of wanting to see her
  6. Vince is such a nice guy. :dawg:

    She is a great heel, it's good that she's still around.
  7. You've gotta respect Vickie. She's been treated like absolute shit since signing for the WWE.

    You can tell that WWE only signed Vickie for publicity reasons - not as a thank you to all the Guerrero family gave to the WWE. Let's be honest, she had her husband taken away, there's a very good chance it's because of the strain his body went through with the tough schedule and drugs that he took whilst wrestling. The guy gave his life for our entertainment and for the WWE.

    All they had to do was pay her a decent amount of money to live on for life. For a multi-million dollar corporation that surely can't be that much right? Well apparently it is to that sick, greedy bastard Vince who has to try and embarass her and get that pathetic fat peadofile to mock her every single week for being overweight - which she isn't - and surely to a company who are trying to promote anti-bullying that's pretty hypocritical right?

    God it's shit like this that makes me feel guilty watching WWE and giving Vince money.
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  8. I love vicky and her character. :yay:
  9. Well stop trying to make her quit her contract. Fucking douche.
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  10. Exactly, and the thing is, shes not even fat but Jerry Lawler mocks her about her weight when he is a 6ton ogre of a man. F*** you Vince, f*** you WWE.
  11. It would be understandable if Jerry Lawler was thin himself. I think you could balance a KFC on his belly.
  12. Why do you hate Jerry?
  13. Because he's a shit commentator who just buries Vickie and only ever seems to care when there are young women about. He's amazingly out of touch and doesn't give a fuck about anything other than the paychecks. Also he's like the hypocritical heel commentator except he's face.
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  14. I've made a post to the exact same question made by you in another thread. I believe I listed 9 solid reasons to why Jerry Lawler fucking sucks.
  15. Why wouldnt you? He laughs like a little child at everything and anything a face does but if a heel did exactly the same he would say how rubbish it was. He is such a pedo, just look at every diva match ever when he is on commentry, and now he constantly mocks Vickie about her weight when he infact could very much do with losing the 50 pounds that Vickie did.


    We all replied to the same question at the same time with the same answers, thats pretty damn BOSS :gusta:
  16. Eddie wasn't his wife,and Vickie wasn't her sister........or something
  17. ....because he isnt sure if sexual assault is a positive or a negative.
  18. why should he support her financially? If I die,my employer isn't gonna shower my wife with money and take care of my children........I'm pretty sure Guerrero was probably a multi millionaire,who probably had a will....... Who no doubt left his wife and children a pretty penny when he died.

    I *may* be wrong but assuming he left her a substantial amount of money,why someone couldn't live off that crazy amount is beyond me
  19. WWE shouldnt be making an issue of her weight and taughting her with it on screen with her character
  20. Ironman, I hope your company is at least comparable to WWE if you are going to assume. IF you company is a billion dollar industry, then i would assume there is nothing wrong with upholding the promise of your boss to financially take care of the wife of one of the biggest employees. Vince said he would, so he should. CASE CLOSED END OF STORY.
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