News Vince trying to shoot break up Lana and Rusev?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jun 11, 2015.

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  1. .....dafuq, Vince?
  2. Honestly, when this whole angle started I always was comparing it to the Chris and Nancy thing. Also, everyone's saying it seems so forced, so idk why they won't drop it already. Doubt it's any of Vince's concern anyway.
  3. "stinky smelly foreigners can't get with hot American women. Not on my watch!"
  4. Vince would have to be a tremendous asshole to bother stooping that low (and I know he's proven himself to be quite petty at times, but interfering in someone's personal relationships because you don't think a guy is "good enough" to have the woman he does is pretty pathetic.) Thankfully, this sounds like pure speculation and conjecture on their part and not any sort of legitimate information that they've obtained from sources within the company itself.
  5. Totally different from anything else Meltzer reports, of course.
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  6. It is since they're not reporting it as a :fact: and are instead admitting that it's only speculation on their part.
  7. It wouldn't be the first time Vince did something like this to be honest.

    Stephanie has said that Vince kinda pushed her and HHH together. And Sunny has admitted to Vince encouraging her cheating on Candido with Shawn ( even giving them his office to bang in).

    And apparently he told Naomi she couldn't wear her engagement ring on TV since divas should "look available".
  8. Lana needs to fuck off. she sucks and isnt hot enough for DZ
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  9. I think they're looking a bit too much into this.
  10. Help me picture just who is hot enough for dolph. You're always cock-blocking the poor man.
  11. Wasn't he dating the bella with the big ass? I always dig her, that could have worked. I mean, within the realm of WWE, is Layla still around? talk about beautiful babies to be made. Paige's paleness would look nice next to Dolph's killer tan. Maybe he can snake Steph from HHH if he is into older ladies.

    I been watching some Women's World Cup... I'm massively crushing on Sydney Leroux.. Dolph could knock her up and create a new super race of athletes



    Alex Morgan pretty fine too


    Soccer girl bodies just do it for me. Dated a lot of baddies in HS who played soccer.
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  12. That's...a awfully detailed answer. +1 for effort
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  13. Sydney Leroux and Alex Morgan... :damn:
  14. Arrive. Bury. Leave.
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  15. This report seems like bullshit.. Vince has no reason to try and break up Lana and Rusev.. There relationship should be irrelevant to everyone besides them.. But there was a report a couple months ago stating divas and superstars are not aloud to date anymore for whatever reason, but these 2 have been together before that.
  16. The report I saw stated that talent couldn't date production staff or people in head office, nothing about about dating other talent though.
  17. Well the report i saw was about employee's in general.. Maybe that report was a bunch of bullshit to then. You never know what's true or what's not with these news sites.
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