Vince unhappy with Wade Barrett's Wardrobe

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Dec 15, 2012.

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  2. Mr. McMahon... :haha:
  3. I bet Barrett is unhappy about the way Vince books him, so it's nothing but fair.

    But you know, I see Vince's point. If he's supposed to be a badass fighter, he was looking pretty good with the simple trunks that had the UK flag, Wade Barrett written behind it, elbow/knee pads and boots. Simple attire, would work with the gimmick. But as I said, this gimmick has been awfully, awfully booked, for me Barrett just seems like a random heel nowadays, no special trait that reminds us of his bareknuckle fighting except for his finisher. Sucks. What they've done with Wade is pretty bad.
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  4. Give Barrett the World title ffs
  5. How does he look cartoonish anyway? I don't see it. :gusta:
  6. Re: RE: Vince unhappy with Wade Barrett's Wardrobe

    This would look good with his attire.
  7. His current gimmick sucks anyway.
  8. Re: RE: Vince unhappy with Wade Barrett's Wardrobe

    What is it exactly?
  9. MMA gimmick basically.
  10. Re: RE: Vince unhappy with Wade Barrett's Wardrobe

    Right so how does that link to fight club exactly, Barrett in a Tyler durden role could work actually..... Yeah I'd be cool with him in with the shield actually.
  11. The vignettes literally meant nothing. Now he goes on about how tough he is, how he used to fight or something and that he only wrestles for money. He hardly gets mic time, the crowd don't care, it's a shell of his former self self in Nexus when he carried the load and became the best heel in WWE.
  12. Re: RE: Vince unhappy with Wade Barrett's Wardrobe

    This is why I just choose certain parts of Raw and skip most of it.... You guys keep me up to date with the rest.
  13. I have done that while catching up, but i seem to have to go back and watch parts people talk about here after. Oh well.
  14. Barrett shouldn't even have matches. He should walk around in Wrangler jeans and steel toe boots. He should come to the ring and challenge people in the audience to fist fights and knock their asses out. From there we can insert a face and then we have some matches, preferably no holds barred.
  15. Barret could be epic they should have gone a dingy fight club route with him.
  16. WWE missed the boat with WB. He should have been champ in 2010/early 2011 but the Nexus storyline went from being all about WB to CM Punk punking him out of the leadership role for no reason. There were a million ways to go with that angle, and WWE chose possibly the worst.

    WB in 2013? Nothing more than a peasant. He will be a mid card gate keeper unless he reinvents himself. It's on Wade's shoulders now... is he a great enough talent to overcome the terrible booking WWE gave him? If not, he might be a completely forgotten man by the time 2014 rolls around.

    Thinking of WB makes me think of my Why does WWE hate WB rant

    So now I can finish the story at least. WB squashes jobbers for a bit before ending up in an IC TItle feud (with the man he took the belt off of a year and a half earlier.. thus allowing post-nexus WB to go full circle in the cycle of pointlessness & spinning his wheels). He jobs on a filler PPV and is destined to become the gate keeper heel mid carder and never advance back to his 2010 levels again.

  17. Really? The Boss is unhappy with Wade's wardrobe but is okay his awful booking?
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  18. Amen to that brother. :testify:
  19. I don't care what he wears. Dude can wrestle and deserves a title.
  20. I love how Vince wants Barrett to keep to his bare-knuckle gimmick yet all off the commentators drop how he went to college for Marine Biology... because nothing says bad ass, bare-knuckle fighter to me than a Marine Biology major.
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