Vince Upset During RAW Main Event

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Feb 26, 2013.

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  1. Looks like we were right @GrammarNazi82 :happy:
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  2. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: Well, we all know which one of these 2 will get any serious punishment here (it's not Cena). I found it amazing that they pulled it off so excellently, especially in the last few parts of the match too.
  3. Neither will be punished lol, the random Cena hate is lulzworthy on here.

    Anyway I can't blame Vince tbh, stopping pile drivers was a good business and personal decision. His staff aren't risking concussions and the like with unnecessary moves and the company is seen to be doing something about wrestlings dangerous image.
  4. The piledriver was the best move of the match . SCREW YOU VINCE #TWICEINAFUCKINGLIFETIME
  5. :win: We're so awesome like that. :yay: Now I can just imagine Vince's face / reaction when Punk suddenly did that since he really didn't know beforehand. lol
  6. Something like this?


    Until he realized who was in the ring.
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  7. :haha: Precisely! For some reason a genuinely pissed off Vince just amuses me.
  8. Probably will pull them aside and tell them off for it, that's it.
  9. I just imagine him pacing backstage cursing at whomever walks by :lol1:
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  10. I doubt he'll even do that, Cena is his buttbuddy and Punk is his flavour of the past year. Just can't see him even gesturing punishing them.
  11. lol dirtsheet reporting
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  12. Yep
  13. He was probably upset the match didn't suck horribly like the rest of the show.
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  14. What brought about the quote in your sig?
  15. Which part? Why GN said it or why I sigged it?

    Forgot it was there tbh, damn PS3
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  16. Why GN said it
  17. Dunno, she threw it in the Random Shit thread while we were discussing something else. @GrammarNazi82 explain yourself.
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  18. :lol1: I'll go explain myself in the Random Shit thread then.
  19. Sorry for being offtopic but...



  20. I recall reading that they fined Taker/Trips for having a steel chair to the face spot in their Mania XXVII bout, so I'd actually imagine that would be the case here. Not like that's going to damper them at all though.
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