Vince Upset With Creative Direction of RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Oct 2, 2012.

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    Quite interesting since he's directly involved is he not?
  2. What creative direction?
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  3. Get a new fking creative team :dafuq: or Vince should retire.

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    or both. :finger:
  4. Last night's Raw was pretty bad, I'd be pissed off too :haha:
  5. He had the same problem at the same time last year, so he stepped aside and gave more room to the Raw writers and stepped away from Smackdown, and guess what: The show quality AND the ratings went up. Please do it again Vince!
  6. Well, all those rewrites and ideas you ignored may have something to do with it. Also the overall crappy booking.
  7. I haven't seen anything creative in WWE for years.
  8. Doesn't this kinda contradict the other reports dirt sheets make? They say that the creative team have a completely different idea then before RAW/SD Vince comes in and says to change everything... But here it says he hates the creative direction RAW is. Either Vince is indenial or these Dirt Sheets are reporting pipe dreams (the latter seems more legit to be perfectly honest).
  9. Agreed on him being upset and all.

    He is responsible for the product. If not done right, he'll be getting it on him.

    Hope he can change things around soon to get a good view on WWE while being improved.
  10. Vince: Man this script is genius. Best thing I've written

    2.5 rating

    Vince: Who the fuck wrote this crap?
  11. That's Vince! :kiss:
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