News Vince using J.B.L as his commentary voice

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Oct 24, 2013.

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  2. lol, I find it hard to believe Vince sits backstage feeding lines to the announcers. sorry.
  3. JBL indeed seem to give him a hard time over his babyface answers. May be legit.
  4. Pathetic if true. Let them come up with their own stuff, especially for a veteran ring commentary and worker like JBL. I'm sure he could do much better on his own than letting Vince feed him lines. A natural JBL is better than a line fed JBL.
  5. I thought Cody did ok on commentary Vince just needs to retire

  6. He's always done it. It's called the Gorilla Position. It's usually Vince at the Gorilla position. He can control the commentary and manage the talent at the same time, making sure they are ready to go when they get the green light. Tell me someone knows what the Gorilla position is.

    It's what I would do to Cameron and Naomi and Aksana, BOOM!
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  7. Monsoon did it for years (hence the name "Gorilla position"). Vince has done it ever since he left commentary. For the most part, the commentators are left to raise their own points and push the ideas they are scripted to push. But, when there's a major story point to be made, they are fed lines or ideas that they will craft into lines.

    The funny part is that Lawler now gets next to no feed (which is why he's quiet so much during Raw matches), Cole gets most of the face comments now (funny considering how much heat he got during his heel commentator run) and JBL gets much of the "company line" comments. It doesn't surprise me at all that JBL would be "the voice of Vince". He's generally a "company guy" and his actual personality is very close (but much more low-key) than his JBL persona today, and that personality is, in many ways, very similar to the real-life personality of Vince McMahon (right down to their political and business philosophies).

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  8. There we go. This guy knows what's up. I'm surrounded by maroons.
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  9. I haven't heard someone referred to (or seen someone referred to, for that matter) as a "maroon" in forever. I literally lol'd.

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  10. I've been watching my share of Bugs Bunny lately.
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  11. Start at 1.25.39 and you will see JR feeding lines to commentary, I think there is a part with Vince doing it too but I can't be arsed finding it.
  12. Yeah, I was just about to mention the Beyond The Mat thingy. JR used to feed Michael Cole lines quite frequently back when Vince wouldn't let JR on-screen around late '98/early '99 (his Bell's Palsy was acting up.)

    Figured just about everyone had heard of the Gorilla Position. Vince has been doing it since forever. Paul Heyman used to feed Joey Styles lines back in ECW, too.
  13. This pretty much, I figured it was common knowledge they fed lines, was arguing about this incident in specific.
  14. JBL seems to always have that leer on his face like someone was giving him a bj under his desk. I'd like to see the Big Show knock him into the next county.
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