Vince vs. Triple H Over Ric Flair, Vince Giving Triple H Freedom Backstage

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, May 12, 2014.

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    It’s been reported recently that WWE officials have an offer out to Ric Flair that would see him return for a more regular WWE TV role, if Flair can clean up some of the personal issues going on in his life.
    It’s said that Vince McMahon flat out does not want Flair on WWE TV because he still doesn’t trust Flair with a live mic or trust Flair’s ability to stay out of some sort of public scandal.
    At the same time, Triple H is the one behind the deal to bring Flair back in a more regular role. While some may assume Vince will get his way, that’s not the case. Vince is said to be leaving the matter up to Triple H even though he is strongly against it.
    A source notes that Vince is trying to give Triple H enough freedom to make his own mistakes and learn from them. Vince reportedly feels that Flair will ultimately prove him right and Triple H will realize why Vince was against it after all.

    ^^^ Vince is right Ric Flair is a mess and shouldnt be allowed in WWE tv. He needs to get himself sorted out. HHH will make the fatal mistake of bringing back Ric Flair. I understand Ric lost his son but come on he should move on with his life he has his daughter in the wrestling business now he should be supporting her but no he would rather get drunk everyday
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  2. I can support the notion of him getting more behind his daughter. Would be awesome to see Charlotte w/ Flair in her corner vs Tamina w/ Snuka in her corner IMO.
  3. I would like to see Flair back on TV more..
    It's probably a mixture of like Xanax and Ambien mixed with drinking that he's been relying on.

    Easy way to fix this; on the days he's scheduled to appear have him booked for meetings all day that way someone can keep an eye on him.
  4. I dont think Ric would want someone following him around all day for meetings the guy clearly has a problem but wont help himself
  5. There's plenty of ways for someone to be keeping an eye on him without actually making it obvious that is the intention.

    Obviously he wouldn't want that person following him around and they don't have to be like specific about it, I mean shit just get his Daughter to watch over him; if he can't clean himself up to hang out for the day with his daughter (unless she's as big a drunk as he is).

    Honestly they could even let him get 1 drink just to ease the tension a bit, I'm sure that wouldn't make him that ineffective.
  6. If Flair wants the paycheck, Flair will put up with someone following him around on TV days (Mondays, maybe Tuesdays, and PPV Sundays).

    I fully believe Vinny Mac is giving HHH room to make mistakes and (hopefully) learn from them. Having said that, even when you're giving someone that freedom, it doesn't always work out that the lesson comes out right. Ric and HHH are close enough that Ric might be willing to do what's necessary to work for the company, if HHH is the one behind the whole thing.

    You never know, but I support the hope that Ric can do what it takes to help himself and get to appear occasionally on WWE television.

    You can never get too much :woo1:. And remember, Space Mountain may be old, but it still has the longest line in the park.

  7. just make the contract have DDP obligations. Clearly he is a quality WWE return deal via two HoF inductions as well as him inducting Jake Roberts.

    Triple H is great for business. Sure, you cant expect him to go 100% but he has already been the one to setup the NXT fully as well as himself (and others) losing to DB, as well as the shield. He is owed a win, and I really hope he does it before losing to Reigns at SS, otherwise we have the RR build 2014 for babyface reigns.
  8. Ric Flair, congrats on a fantastic career, but you have nothing left to contribute. Go away.
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  9. Right back at you for WWEF (not really)

    He paid his dues and is being misued time and time again. He could help out a heel for sure, and if dude showed up naked his client could get it with him. Still cant be worse than the Spirit squad.
  10. Actually, never mind.

    Come back, pass along the Figure Four and the title of "The New Nature Boy" to someone who's not The Miz so that's not your lasting legacy, THEN go away.
  11. I don't mind Flair when he's utilized in the smaller moments like the promo he gave a few weeks ago when he endorsed The Shield over Evolution, but seeing him in a sustained role? No thanks. Sure, he could maybe do good if paired up with someone as their manager/guidance/whatever, but I'd only care to see that if it were a heel pairing. The problem there, though, is that Flair is too respected and revered as a legend nowadays to get any legitimate heel heat, hence why they tried to use him to get The Miz over as a babyface a year ago. So yeah, keep Flair limited to the sporadic appearances.
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