Extreme Rules Vince wanted the dance off to be at Extreme Rules

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, May 9, 2013.

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    How extreme -.-
  3. Maybe it would have worked if the loser of the dance off had to stand there and just take a swift kick in the nuts from the other guy and was not allowed to do anything about it. (I'm half joking of course but it's a funny stipulation.)
  4. Meltzer. Have a hard time believing even Vince would be stupid enough to do this.
  5. Really?
  6. I'm not so sure, 'member this:

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    They've usually done a good job sticking to the concepts of the "extreme" PPV's, watered down as they may be... well, outside of stupid shit like Cole and Lawler.

    Well, come to think of it it all comes back to that report about how over the dancing hippos are. Maybe he would do it... :hmm:

    Nonetheless, fully expect 2 dance-offs at Wrestlemania 30 though.

    Right when that memory finally got repressed, you have to post it. Damn you. :sad:
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  8. There's no reason to doubt something at this point just because it's Meltzer. He's been right about enough things that he's just as credible as any other dirtsheet writer (hence his reputation.)
  9. I'd watch a sex tape with all of them to be honest. Look at those moves, and just by the raise of a single hand, Vince changed the lightning. :obama: 5 stars
  10. Lol no he's not. PWInsider > > > > > > > > > > Anything Meltzer touches. I know you like to defend him, and he probably does get a LOT more slack than any other dirt sheet writer, but he isn't as credible as you seem to think. The guy is sometimes just retarded as hell.
  11. He also isn't nearly as bad as people like to make him out to be (the same people who often post his stuff from the Observer site for some reason, I might add.) I didn't say he was flawless and his word was absolute, but I'd also advise to never say the same thing about any other dirt sheet report. I just find much of the criticism towards Meltzer to be almost blind hatred at this point.
  12. Such shitty reporting and sure it's somewhat accurate, but how can you go wrong with that kind of reporting?
    BTW, I wrote the article, but that's pretty much Meltzer.
  13. Nah, Meltzer is more like:

    "There is backstage talk on turning Randy Orton heel in the coming weeks, as Orton himself is unsatisfied with his current babyface role. The idea is to have him turn on Sheamus. However, there is a feeling that a heel turn for Orton might never come due to the loud reactions he gets on RAW."

    It's like, wtf, you told us nothing. If it happens he'll claim he said it would, if it doesn't, he'll do the same. The guy talks out of his fucking ass.
  14. Yeah, that sounds like a pretty simplistic style of reporting where he could claim he was on the money either way, but it could also be that there WERE talks going back and forth that are just like that. It makes useless to report if anything (there being no new developments) but as he says, he's just keeping people updated.

    It's why dirt sheets should all be taken with a grain of salt to begin with. If you assume they're reliable at all, you can't expect them to name their sources because then they could no longer be sources (they would be outed) but because of that, it also allows them the power to lie or add things to something that aren't true. (Similar to the logic above with DM being able to say he was right either way.)

    I don't know if Meltzer has ever been known to flat out lie like some sites. At worst, he adds his own assumptions or bias spin on things that could be wrong but you always know they are just his view. Wrestling News World has often posted things that were pretty outrageous here and there and Steve's Wrestling (back when it existed in 2005) posted wild things that pretty much no other site was reporting.

    DM was at least right about Ryback turning heel (an idea people dismissed when it was first reported) along with other things in the past.
  15. A dance off lol.

    In my head i pictured 3mb and Sweet T interfering claiming they were the best. Made me laugh.
  16. 3MB interfering and dancing to some AC/DC would be GOAT :boss:
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  17. Anyone else starting to think KLock is in fact Meltzer himself?
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