Vince wants Del rio to be more viscious

Discussion in 'RAW' started by seabs, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. - Vince McMahon had been pushing Alberto Del Rio to be more physical, more aggressive and not to work the sometimes-softer Lucha style. While officials recognize their heel side if weak, Vince feels Del Rio has the size and toughness, plus is a main event character, but feels he needs to come across as more of a killer in the ring.
    I personally don't see why you'd take away the guys best asset even more. Del Rio isn't using a lucha style at all rather then a more shoot fighter targeting the arm deal. The main event character comment is also laughable imo.
    Views on this?
  2. It's stupid really. Del Rio is as aggressive as he can be in the ring, but to take away his like you say, best asset, is pointless. Recently Del Rio has been getting over on his wrestling ability, so...

    Silly Vince.
  3. Already posted.
  4. The problem was your post had a lot of news so not much potential for discussion imo.
  5. I think Vince should just leave Del Rio the way he is. He is at the best I think he can be at the moment so why change him? He could use some work on his mic technique but apart from that he should just leave him.