News Vince was expecting a hero's welcome when Eva Marie returned

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by C.M. Shaddix, Mar 29, 2016.

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  1. I don't buy it.
  2. No they didn't.

    The people on her team were looking at her with anger and nobody wanted anything to do with her. They've been pushing the rich bitch gimmick for way too long to expect a face reaction.

    It's not like the people on her team didn't know she'll be showing up or accidentally (all 4 of them) let their true emotions seep through. If they wanted a face reaction her team would've reacted more enthusiastically.
  3. I also don't buy it. Everyone had to know she wasn't going to get cheered in Brooklyn.

    It's pretty predictable what happens next, if you think about it:
    Eva will turn on The Total Divas at WM and then will proceed to be pushed as a heel, as long as she keeps getting negative reactions like that.
  4. Bullshit they did. If they expected a hero's welcome then they wouldn't of had all of the total divas reject Eva Marie like they did at the end. Another bullshit Meltzer claim.
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  5. Oh.... fuck.... i gotta stop beleiving what i hear
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  6. I was going to say that this report is bullshit, but I was beaten to the party.

    Don't believe Meltzer regarding the women. That's a general rule of thumb. He has no idea regarding the divas division right now.
  7. This is all real. How dare you all.
  8. Wait, they were really thinking this? Maybe the girls don't trust Eva until mania when Eva ends up getting the winning pin for her team. Doesn't mean it'll work though
  9. I am normally one to give Big Dave the benefit of the doubt in regards to what he reports, but I have to disagree with him here. Given that Raw was in Brooklyn and that the reaction from the other Divas towards her was less than stellar, it's incredibly unlikely that they actually expected her to be met with a warm reception from the crowd. However, WWE often have strange or unusual mindsets in regards to certain things, and it's easy to envision them believing what is written below:
  10. In Brooklyn...yeah...
  11. This just proves that people don't get Eva's gimmick. Her gimmick is that she's a bad wrestler who thinks she's great and that everyone loves her. She acted as her character is supposed to and the rest reacted as they should have.

    Also again: Big Dave has been out of touch on the women's divisions for a while now. He was adamant that the title match at mania was Charlotte vs Sasha until the match was made even tho it was obvious for anyone with a brain that the plan was a triple threat.
    He also did not know that Natalya, Emma or Summer would be part of the multi women match.

    Dave has ears in the male locker room and thus has a good idea of what is going on, not so much in the female one.
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