Vince, WTF Man? Stop writing Roman Reigns promos

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    - We noted earlier this week that there's a feeling within WWE that the scripted promos for Roman Reigns have put him in "quicksand" and aren't helping him at all.

    After comparing himself to Superman on RAW, Reigns delivered another cartoon-inspired promo on SmackDown while speaking face-to-face with Seth Rollins. Taking a line from Looney Tunes character Sylvester, Reigns said, "Sufferin' succotash."

    Writing to a fan on Twitter, Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter mentioned that Reigns' promos are being scripted by Vince McMahon. He wrote:

    "Vince is writing his promos. Vince is really out of touch. I hate to say it but the promos speak for themselves."

  2. So why don't you turn me loose?
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    We all know Vince is clueless. The same guy who said Cesaro doesn't have 'it'. Well, shove 'it' up your 170 year old arse.

    As far as Reigns' promos go, they weren't too bad or anything, in my opinion. They just didn't really suit him.
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  4. Vince has made some bad calls. He even wanted an incest story but Stephanie said no. He also had the final call on that Katie Vick thing with HHH.
  5. The promos lately have been very hit or miss, and to be honest mostly on the miss side for me.
  6. That's actually a great example of why they don't know how to work Roman. Should've just went out there and said the final line, "I'm gonna kick your ass" and boom. It's so much easier and works so much better. Idiots
    Plus, yeah, I really do think this was written by Vince. I'll go with Meltzer on this one because it doesn't involve INSIED SOURCESS~!, but just observation (which is actually what he does all the time, lol, but I digress).
  7. To the people who say Vince is out of touch: He is perfectly in touch....with what he himself likes. Which in the mind of Vince McMahon, what Vince McMahon likes is what goes. And Vince was raised in the era of early looney toons and such. That's what he knows.
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  8. Nah the promo was gold, Reigns is just TEH SUXORZ on the mic
  9. So that's why Reigns sounds like Cena... :ambrose:

    All jokes aside, Vince needs to let the promo writers work with Reigns and make sure he feels comfortable with what's he saying and can improve instead of having Vince be all like "say you're superman! FUNNY JOKE! bury everyone! Super Reigns gonna gotta go fastah!" and then JBL says "YEAH, SANIC'S POPULAR WITH THE KIDS MAGGLE!" while even Cole shakes his head, before deciding to bend over--- :heyman:
  10. Yeah, Reigns should've been pretty much straightforward in that promo on SD.

    He should've said 'Seth, my brother, I'm here simply... To kick your ass!' *BAM!* He hits Seth and the brawl begins. As simple as that.
    But nah, in Vince's mind, it's easier to deliver a Looney Tunes related promo.

    Guess he'll quote Bugs Bunny next week... I simply cannot wait for Vince to write another golden promo for Reigns.
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  11. Roman Reigns should have the Kevin Nash WCW style promos. Just loose and full of swagger.
  12. Man isn't known for his superb mic skills or anything. They really need to keep it simple and to the point with him. His selling point is his look and the effectiveness of his moves in the ring.
  13. The delivery in itself is okay. It could definitely be better, but it could also be much worse.

    As for the material....Yeah Vince is clearly catering to himself here, or Roman is being sabotaged.
  14. Sort of reminds me of ADR. Everyone grilled him on the mic, but I tried telling them he had charisma and delivery, it was just all time stale subject matter he was dealing with.
  15. Booking comes into it. Roman has charisma, maybe not Rock levels of it but to a certain extent he has charisma. They just need to book him in a way that enhances it.

    IMO they should try to move away from the powerhouse booking, because that isn't Roman. He isn't a power house as much as he is a big guy who is surprisingly agile. I've seen this man kip up like Shawn Michaels and cousin Dwayne. Book him a bit like Rock in the ring, big guy who moves quick on his feet. And help him find a persona that enhances his charisma and you have a top guy. No guarantee on THE top guy, but A top guy at least.

    Look at Rollins improvement once they started helping him find a way of cutting promos and behaving that enhanced his heel charisma. He held his own with Paul Heyman in multiple mic segments recently. And this is the guy who was deemed "the cast away" of the Shield less then a year ago.
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