Vince's Demise Storyline

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dat Kid, Jul 5, 2013.

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  1. Right before the Chris Benoit incident the previous Raw featured Vince McMahon getting in to a limo and having it explode. It was one of those storylines where people who usually don't watch wrestling had called me and asked me if it was real. It was just about as big a deal as when Punk did the pipebomb imo because it had garnered so much outside attention. Unfortunately the storyline did not continue because of Benoit's death and they probably felt it was inappropriate to air it.

    My question is, if Benoit had not died where do you think that storyline would've gone?
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  2. I think the original plans were exactly as I predicted (wasn't watching at the time but I heard about the angle), which is Vince faking his death just to see how much people missed him and see who was truly loyal to him depending on who was gonna try to make a grab for power in his absence.

    I think him revealing it was all faked was their cop out out of continuing the angle in the light of Benoit's death but I read that's how it was supposed to have gone anyway, albeit in a different way.
  3. He would have returned at Mania to face Taker in Dead Man vs Dead Man match, loser dies irl.
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  4. Great thread. I guess i dontk now where it would go, but it had me interested as hell as a kid, it was definitely the "big talk" among a lot of the guys at school (i was 13...and EVERYONE was into WWE for the most part)
  5. I always thought that it was Vince's way off of TV for a while. Seeing if this three brands could survive without his presence. He could always come back afterward and ignore what happened as WWE tends to do.
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