Vince's feeling on Tensai and Clay

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Oct 4, 2012.

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    Wish they just got rid of Tensai personally.
  2. What an epic report. Any dickhead watching Raw could tell you this.

    I think Tensai wants to be cut. Why else would he be sandbagging on Raw?
  3. Don't know why Bloom left Japan to be honest.
  4. I think most people have been counting down the days to when Tensai got released ever since his return back in the Spring failed to get any reaction from the crowd, no matter how many people he was put over (including their top guy Cena.) I doubt a gimmick change will help him any.
  5. Brodus Clay is the PG version of The Godfather, of course it's not going to work. Let's try another black stereotype. Hopefully Tyler Perry won't be the one creating the character this time.

    Fire Tensai, Hire Colt
  6. he didnt sandbag
  7. :haha:

    Sure as hell he did. When Ryback was going for the lift, Tensai didn't jump. Pure Hardcore Holly'ing on RAW.
  8. he did jump, you can see his knee bent and he pushes off with his foot.

  9. Lmao, please give me a mark where it happens, I really can't see it..
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    I agree, both Clay and Tensai's gimmicks are stale at the moment.
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  11. 2:38 he jumps and his knee is bent all the way up until 2:47 and he pushes off a 2:48. The set up on the second one was all kinds of fucked up, Tensai was all off to the side
  12. Ryback should be fired.
  13. Brodus is a good entertainer and wrestler. Tensai sucks and Ryback I think will be around for a good run.
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