Vince's latest awesome idea.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 21, 2012.

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  1. PWmania

  2. Oh my sweet jesus no. :facepalm: please, please tell me this is a lie?
  3. Vince you genius. :dawg:
  4. The only way I could be okay with this was if they made Ultimate Warrior like skronks
  5. Oh dear god no.

    Kiss-ass employee " Y'Know, as hilarious as our comedy segments are, we're not sure that viewers find them that funny? We maybe should try make them funnier"

    Vince " No. Lets make the commentators pretend to laugh"

    Kiss-ass employee "Wow! Great idea boss, you really have a great wrestling mind, I wish I could think of innovative ideas like that. "
  6. So incredibly lame. Is this supposed to have some sort of psychological effect on the viewers, where we start laughing at something just because the announcers find it funny?
  7. Apparently. After all, Vince is a psychological gift to mankind.
  8. Crayo... I've got nothing. Partially because your sig says everything you need to know, partially because we know a bunch or genetically altered redneck gangsta-wannabe sheep can write better than this, partially because so many of us have been bitching about this dumbass product for so damn long that it just feels played out and pointless, and partially because there's more stupid shit like this every time you log onto a news site, and stupid shit is now becoming same old shit... but what is there to say to ridiculous tripe like this?
  9. Why not just sack Jerry Lawler, i'll be laughing every time i watch Raw and he's not there.
  10. Vince....

  11. Well, after reading the title, something like that was pretty much what I expected. :dawg:
  12. Hire me for commentary, I can do better then Jerry damn it!
  13. Most people can, and most people also want to see someone new there. :dawg:
  14. @[Crayo] can you do a better job than vince?

    how about actually make them funny so they're genuinely laughing?
  16. LMAO note to VKM making the comedy sections funny would save them doing sound effects, but what do I know. I''m just a retarded fan to him.
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