News Vince's plan to beat NBA in ratings

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. :kiss:
  2. It is a somewhat solid idea. A good crowd can draw viewers to keep watching. But it depends also on what the opposition is putting out. If it is a great match put on by the two NBA or NFL teams or like last Monday the last match in a seven match play off series then I think most fans of both WWE and basketball will still likely watch basketball
  3. NBA Finals > Raw :pity:
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  4. So basically Vince wants to waste hot crowds on shows that are going to get 2.8 ratings. Cool.
  5. ...perhaps he should work on improving the WWE product rather than worrying about the NBA finals.
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  6. First signs of madness and senility in Vince.
  7. Vince, you're an idiot. Retire.
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  8. Or die.
  9. Just have Daniel Bryan show up for every segment.
  10. lol seriously it might work. It's safe for you to tune in every week dude. DB is dominating the show throughout. I'm not sure how they will stack up against the NBA but i'm getting pretty amped for this summer of wrestling. WWE seems to be going in the right direction(as of now)
  11. Sorry for the LQ but

  12. So much THIS! :yes:
  13. I feel like they are doing A LOT Of things right. DB getting a push, and ziggler has the WHC (injured) I like the direction of this thing, and the shield all holding Gold? What are we exactly bitching about? Cena being champ? Cesaro not being used properly?

    If punk comes back it'll be even more reason to get behind the product. For the past two months I thought it was pretty bad but lately it's been A LOT better.
  14. I don't even watch much NBA and I agree.
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  15. NBA is better than almost every Raw, a better plan could be having WrestleMania before NBA finals begin and the next Raw after WM is simply amazing, better ratings for sure
  16. That just means more Raws for me :win:
  17. It would be more interesting to see Vince beat the finals by having The Shield come through the crowd and attack Lebron James. By the way, anyone notice how stupid the name Lebron is, just saying
  18. A WWE show held in a city with a loud crowd does not guarantee the crowd to actually be loud if they are given shit. Maybe Vince should actually try to improve the product as a whole.
  19. Why not just make your show entertaining? That seems like a good plan to me.
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