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  1. Vinnie Rose
    Vinnie Rose's WWEForum Twitter account by Jose Tortilla​

    You will find out unofficial status updates from Vinnie Rose. This is not the official Twitter account and the official one can be found by clicking here
  2. @VinnieRose Yeeeaaah baby The Overnight Sensation Vinnie Rose is here on Twitter!!
  3. @FedXKing Welcome dude, nice job this week against Kidd
  4. @VinnieRose So, another win over #Kidd. #SOX is it time? HELL YEAH IT IS!

    #Champ #LaCrush
  5. @VinnieRose Let's do this people!! #2OutofThreeFalls

    #SOX #KiddvsRose #2OutofThreeFalls #Breakdown
  6. @VinnieRose Can't believe I got attacked from behind.. Already happened so many times. Dude, I need a manager.. Just for the extra pair of eyes. (If she can keep them off me, ofcourse :emoji_slight_smile:)

  7. @Vinnyrose Solo is the only way to go, manager is just another body to account for.
  8. @VinnieRose YEAH DUDE! Your new Internet Champion, Vinnie ''The Overnight Sensation'' Rose! So happy right now, really can't believe it. We'll be partying all night long! Here is a quick pic who was taken by someone in the crowd:


    A bit blurry, but hey, we were all partying after the 1-2-3!

    #Champ #LACrush #Rose #Breakdown
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