Vintage D'Z. Watched No Surrender. Thoughts inside

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Sep 10, 2012.

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  1. Welcome friends. It's been a long time as the OG Rakim once said (shameless plug for that track. Check the beat :tyson: )

    Clearly I've decided to make an old school style D'Z review thread for No Surrender. This is a PPV that I have been anticipating quite a lot in spite of how it may have seemed when I chose to watch Sunday Night Football last night instead of watching No Surrender live :haha:

    Remember I am posting these thoughts as I watch the PPV, so some of the comments will seem like knee jerk reactions because, well, they are.

    My thoughts/expectations coming into the PPV:

    -Something major has to happen with the main event/Aces & Eights vs Aries angle. I'm not twist happy by any means (:russo: ) but IMO this is the place where a twist needs to happen. If this angle just continues ho hum with no development it can gtfo. They need to have a badass leader that shocks us all (as in the smarks. It can't be one of the 'usual suspects') or something bigger needs to happen. This PPV needs to close with me saying to myself 'holy shit'

    -No reason for anything but a Storm/Joe BFG Series Final, because they have been the two stars of the Series. I expect Storm will win, which I am fine with, but will really be pulling for Joe

    -I'm disappointed on the recent happenings in both the Knockout and X Divisions. Both have the potential to be entertaining parts of the show, but they get little airtime, which is I guess understandable since you only get 2 hours of television programming a week, but still I wish they would put more effort into them. King/Ion was a great feud IMO, and then King just disappears from TV, along with Ion. Honestly, why was their zero build for Ion/Dutt? And Tara/Brooke.. meh. It is an OK storyline, but Brooke does nothing for me. I hope Tara takes the belt.. but she probably won't.

    -Roode or Riot


    I like the way they did the quick shots of all 4 guys entering while giving some build to the semifinal matches. I don't want to sound like I'm sucking off TNA for every little thing though, so i won't even mention it.

    IZ is hot. What else is new. Hardy comes out to a decent reaction.. not as hot for him as they usually are. Hopefully that means we have a smarkish crowd and they will be pro-Joe.

    Match starts. I'm into it. I want Joe to fuck him up. Crowd seems split. They are still playing up this arm injury angle on Joe. Good match even early on. They changed up the spot where Hardy goes off the stairs since Thursday.. I love when Joe casually walks away when he dodges his opponent.. but Hardy still got the better of him afterward. Nice back and forth.

    Joe suicide dive. He is carrying this match now. Typical Hardy match tbh. He kicks out a lot and gets his 5 or 6 moves off in the final sequences. He better not win this fucking match. lmao, like a jeff hardy clothesline could EVER drop Joe like that. Get tfo. Lmao, so it happens again 2 seconds later. Joe missed back splash. This match is getting intense.

    Hardy turns the tornado DDT into the Twist of whatever the hell he calls it now. Hardy with his lame ass anaconda vice locked in. If Joe taps I might rage quit this PPV. Hardy win via back slide :((

    fuck me man. Hardy... I have to give it up. He plays the underdog role better than anyone. The mark in me is sad about that outcome, but the smark side of me is OK with it. Really fun match, great way to open the PPV.


    stfu Taz. stfu Tenay. stfu Borash.

    Storm interview. Not the best promo of his life, but whatever. Hopefully Bully Ray wins this shit. Bully looks focused as fuck.. damn. :bully: GOAT

    Storm spits in Bully's face.. wow. COME HERE. HE JUST SPIT ON ME!! lmao. Wow. <3<3. I'm dying laughing. Bully is the man. Smashing some dude's sign against the steps. Nice wrinkle to open the match... shows Storm isn't some fag boy face and that he is in Bully's head. It is now inevitable that he will win because of this though. Now a 'you got bitch slapped' chant. lol. Bully bitching to the ref is endlessly hilarious. I'M BLEEDING. I'M BLEEDING!

    this is awesome

    Storm with a headbutt to the dick/powerbomb combination :blown:

    REF BUMP :booker:

    I don't understand the point of that ref bump, but OK. MOAR REF BUMPS. dafuq. James Storm hates refs.












    Way overbooked, but the beginning was great and the ending was WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


    Not gonna lie, I don't feel like watching this KO Title match right now. Maybe later (probably not)


    LMFAO WTF. Roode is getting arrested? I hate when the police are brought into storylines.. like.. really? How in the kayfabe world can you possibly deem any thing that happens to be worthy of an arrest when so many other ridiculous things go without one? Hogan was down to torture motherfuckers on Impact, but 3 days later he calls the 5-0 to arrest someone for hitting a dude with a bottle? :why:

    Aces and Eights/Aries angle video package. Yawn.


    Austin Aries said bullshit :aries: . Oh God, this promo is awesome. Aries is the God of War. I don't understand why in the hell this match isn't closing the show. 4th match of the night? For what you have been selling as the biggest storyline in your company for how many months? Bad booking decision.

    My God Aries is a fast sumbitch...

    just seeing this guy beat on Aries doesn't do anything for me. Hearing Taz fap into his mic about how big and awesome this guy is doesn't do anything for me. This is just boring. Aries poured a bunch of cocaine into his eyes.

    Aries brainbuster is nice, but wtf? it just turns into another lame ass brawl? who cares.

    Hardy hurt? slater:

    I know I said I wanted a swerve tonight, but is Russo booking this shit forreal?


    X Division Title Match.... funny they even bothered with a vid package for this shit.. they didn't bother to give it any build over the past month. I give zero shits about this... I imagine it will be a quality in ring match.. but.. I'm so tempted to just skip it. I'm just not in the mood for random crap with no reason to care. I have WWE for these types of PPV matches.

    of course Ion wins. If Kenny King's fly ass can't beat him, Sonjay Dutt sure as hell can't :maybe:

    lmfao @ Ion saying he is more dangerous than bath salts. :laugh:


    Ugh. Fuck the police. This PPV is becoming a mess.


    Magnus vs RVD.................. :pity1:

    Why is this on after Aries/Gallows? If RVD wins this match this PPV is a 2/10

    why is this match lasting so long? RVD just won :thumb:

    I'm really pissed now.

    Fuck you RVD, what in the fuck. I'm not even in the mood for the WTTCOTW now. This match seems so random and dumb. I'm tired of AJ/Daniels in any way, shape, or form. Put the WTTCOTW in a real feud with a team. I know you don't really have any teams.. just find one.. somewhere

    this was probably a great match, but TNA has taken me out of the mood for wrestling with this weird PPV.


    this shit is so GAY. HOgan giving the cops a pep talk??? WHO GIVES. A FUCK. What is the main event any way? Bully vs who??


    Bully promo. Oh wait, Hardy is still in the main event? fuck me. This promo is great. You have to respect this promo.

    wow. That was a CLASSIC promo. Not just a good promo, CLASSIC. Bully is the star of this PPV by a mile. I've always loved the guy, but couldn't picture him headlining BFG against Aries. After this performance at No Surrender thus far, I hope Bully vs Aries it he main event next month. Outstanding work from him. I can't say enough about how good he is

    I'm hoping for a swerve.. Hardy can't compete.. let someone else. Joe, anyone.

    OH, he aint coming. STAY AWAY JEFF, STAY AWAY


    :no: MUSIC BACK ON





    oh my lord. Bully just killing it again. definitely painting him as the secret leader of aces & eights again.. I hope not.


    oh fuck. Jeff's music again. Now he's here. You got me TNA, you got me. Damn, they really got me. I went from not wanting Hardy to show up to feeling relieved to see him.. I wouldn't even mind seeing him win at this point... how... dafuq. TNA = mind ninjas

    Damn. Bully giving Jeff knucks. Respect bro. I can dig the storyline, but this match is going to be tedious to watch. omg jef is so tuf! I get it, but still.

    twist of hate, swanton, and kick out. OK. That was a sick ass swanton though.

    Now kickout of the Bubba Bomb. I thought Kurt Angle wrestled earlier tonight. Funny thing is nobody bought either near finish. TNA devalues the hell out of finishers.

    now he kicks out of the Diamond Cutter. what the fuck

    another twist of hate. the obvious missed swanton. this finishing sequence has been hella meh. another Diamond Cutter, another kick out... I'm not feeling this finish at all. Feels like a poor man's version of HHH/Taker Mania matches, which I have been critical of in the past for just being glorified finisher/kick out fests

    12th twist of hate of the match but Hardy still feels the need to go for a swanton lol.

    Jeff.. Hardy... I just don't know what to say. Aries better win at BFG is all I know lmao. This feud will be lame. Hardy winning the belt, which seems like a real possibility, would be 0/10. Its too soon.

    Closing thoughts:

    BFG Series and Aries were the only things I truly cared about. Great semifinals matches, roller coaster ride to the finish, and a disappointing final. Pretty nonsensical booking IMO, but what do I know. Roode/Storm?? arrested? wtf. Absolutely nothing to advance the Aces and Eights story... fuck that. Poor build kill a few of the matches for me.. all in all just a strange PPV.. not what it should have been in my mind

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  2. Wow. hilarious, even though I disagree in lot of things. Still cool review.
  3. I feel very anti-IWC for not sitting through and enjoying the X DIvision and Tag team title matches.. I am 100% sure they were both great matches.. but I guess I'm just not in the mood for a wrestling PPV.. the lack of build killed me for them.. they felt so random.

    I am too hyped for MNF tonight honestly. I'm ready to see my team play
  4. Nice one Dolph's, as always. Didn't miss much with the Tag and X matches.
  5. Agreed with most of this if not all. I love your use of smilies though, seriously the best at using those lmao.

    I like the use of police against Aces & Eights, but getting involved in Storm vs Roode was just retarded. The stupid amount of ref bumps was annoying and felt like Russo, as did the HH/Hardy segment. Aries being so down in the show was annoying, I said all of this in the discussion thread. It seems we agree for once.

    4.5/10 though might be a bit harsh, but you didn't watch the x-division match which was awesome. Sonjay is a boss. Hardy winning was damn right retarded and made Bully -- who was by far the best star there -- look like crap.

    That's the negatives though, it has plenty of positives too. The booking just seemed a bit off though.
  6. Was going to disagree with dolphs on some things, but i disagree completely here. Angle had me biting my nails worrying he was going to end his own career, and Ion winning clean was badass dude.

    Though the AA brainbuster was awesome, just the people that came to help him vs aces and 8s was laughable at best.

    Hardy bully = alright, but not bad.

    Xdivision was as good as it could have been, but honestly who cares.

    I gave it a high rating because the good was really, really good, and if i had watched on DVR, i would have skipped the stuff i actually ended up enjoying. This was WCW 90s for sure, hogan with the black bat, the russo booking, but it was still good, at least to me.

    OH i almost forgot, the retarded laughter from that sunny episode is one of the best gif's you have pulled out. So damn funny i had to stop to reread the stuff after about 2 paragraphs later, after i relooked up and started laughing again.
  7. The one thing we seem to disagree on is that Bully comes out of this PPV looking like a bitch. I wholeheartedly disagree there. He comes out of this PPV in my eyes as one of the BITW. Kayfabe wise wins/losses don't mean shit. How can he look bad anyway, when he was in the FINALS of the BFG SERIES for a SECOND. STRAIGHT. YEAR? This is a 3 month tourney filled with main eventers and he was at least the 2nd best in the tourney both years. He is a boss, even from a kayfabe standpoint.

    From an IRL standpoint, he is the fucking man. His entire demeanor was so different tonight.. he was playing the role of the serious, let's get down to business guy to perfection. He carried the match with Storm with his complaining to the ref, and he carried the match with Hardy until the final exchanges. Everything he did was perfect. His promos. His telling Hogan "I think Jeff is hurt".. his reaction when Hogan started to point a finger at him about Aces & 8s.. I've always loved Bully, but he took it to another level during this PPV. I just wonder what is next for him? Roode/Storm is being picked back up so that is on like Donkey Kong. Obviously Aries/Hardy will 'feud' now (not sure how that will work.. not like Aces and Eights will just disappear either and that storyline seems to be going nowhere)

    so yea.. all in all.. no complaints for me about Bully. Did he job to an 'injured' Hardy? Sure. But the story was Hardy's amazing heart.. Bully doesn't lose anything by making Hardy look great. We've had this talk a lot of times about how Bully could job to Mike Tenay and still be the #1 heel in wrestling the next night.
  8. He's not buried, he's too good to be buried. He was the best on that PPV and was fucking amazing. That's not my point though. Kayfabe wise, Hardy was billed ALL NIGHT (since his attack) that his shoulder was fucked and mould. He couldn't even enter the match the first two times. There was doubts if he could even wrestle in his biggest match in TNA history. The night was literally built around Aces & Eights, cops, Hardy's injury. And Bully lost, it just made him look so so weak imo.

    If it was anyone else then it would probably be a burial, he's too good for it to be a burial which is probably why it happened to him. But the reason I care so much is the amount of build into his injury. But I see your point, it gets Hardy over as the underdog etc yeah, but if he loses to Aries then what was the point?
  9. The point is Hardy is the ultimate underdog and beat Bully Ray but Aries is still da best. That's the point of being the World Champ

    I get the feeling Hardy is winning the belt though.. makes too much sense to have his comeback underdog storyline finish with fireworks at BFG.
  10. I agree, D'Z, Hardy's definitely winning. But Aries had his moment in the sun and is a bonafide main eventer now. Despite the lack of spotlight this did so much to help his career, all is not lost.
  11. I guess, and yeah I don't really want Hardy as champ atm though :emoji_slight_frown:. Unless he goes back to anti-christ heel Hardy. Badass smoking SOB.
  12. I think we have 2 ppv's of aries/hardy, and for that im pretty pumped. More on the huge matches coming ahead, less on aces and 8s, as there are a lot bigger matches involved now. More storm and Roode, another xdivision match that will be awesome, and a great build up for it all. Hopefully that was the last time we saw claire, and Aces and 8s ends by next ppv.
  13. I don't think he's winning it at BFG. I'm hoping they don't have it in their mind as Hogan is backing up Aries obviously the most. He also said, though, that "putting the belt on Hardy would solve a lot of our issues", so I'm keeping an open mind about the BFG main event. Anyone can win IMO.
  14. Like i said, fortunately/unfortunately Hardy winning would make for a lot of fans/more viewers. Also, two hardy/AA matches would be amazing, and with TNA lately, i wouldnt be suprised if AA was only beltless for one month.
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