Vintage Orton - Getting pissed off at interviewers.

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  1. "Mind if i use the rest room?" "Come in with me?"

    That's him being angry at these interviewers following him somewhere in a mall i believe:

  2. He was pissed, but he took it well. "You mind if I use the restroom" haha.
  3. You wouldn't know if he was pissed off if he just didn't say "Come in with me?" hahahah
  4. What a legend.
  5. Why are they following Orton around anyways?

    .... my only rationale could be they... just wanna pi** him off

    Orton PO'd = The sky is blue, fire is hot, Jim Ross is fat
  6. If I saw Orton, I'd just ask for his Autograph. Randy's earned a little more respect of mine.
  7. @[Crayo], he's legend enough to be the only legend killer if that makes any sense to you lmao.
  8. The promo killer, Randy Orton.... otherwise he's pretty bad a**
  9. Orton wouldn't get nearly the amount of hate he does as a heel. I remember in his heel days, feuding with McMahon, he was loved like Punk in the IWC.
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  10. Like a badass
  11. Here's a face turn works for those who don't know :

    Vince: "[Insert super heel], Let me have your ba**s"

    Yeah, that's pretty much it
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