Vintage Robbie E. and Robbie T.

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  1. These guys have become hilarious tbh. Look at few of these gold mine vids (third is a must see):

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  2. Will deffo watch after the crapfest I'm having with my Internetz.
  3. Well, you ain't on The List bro. :ryan:
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  4. He's so ridiculous I kind of like him, everything is exaggerated which seems to be missing from wrestling on the whole.
  5. Robbies are a perfect midcard comedy act. Can't wait until tonight when my dude oversells Jeff Harvey's spectacular Swanton through the table.
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  6. The twitching would make me mark, does anyone else remember his selling in that ultimate X match? I think it was when he held the X division title.

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  7. ^No, it's last year's Dest. X PPV. Hilarious.
  8. That is hilarious, so damn good.
  9. Can Tara get on The List, bro:

    :lol1: Gold.
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